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First Hello there!

How to promote your Blog? Why this question arises, is because we need to increase blog traffic.

In today’s era, writing a blog is not that more difficult than promoting it to the right audience.

Everybody wants more and more traffic, but they don’t do proper promotion of their blog or they use old tactics to promote.

But today I will provide you hacks to gain a lot of audience for your blog.

So, let’s right in.



GUEST POST is the best way to grow your blog. This also helps you to get a backlink to your site.

But in the author’s bio we have to give link not between the content so, to make people click on our link and go to our site.

So Hack is: at last just provide hidden information which they only find at your website, so this will definitely increase traffic on your blog.

You can say that movies give suspense at the end to make you watch another part of it. Just follow the same.

This method will bound your audience with you only.


Make sure you provide stats for your content; this gives the reader proper idea about the content.

Hack: Data with graphs are the best way to get more links and shared by people on many platforms.

These stats will make attention on your blog.

These graphs will provide more information in pictorial form.

 These graphs will also help in your ranking on google.



LinkedIn is a great platform for professionals and also have awesome audience.

This audience is touched by very few people for promotion of their blogs.

But I must say this platform has huge audience.

Hack: LinkedIn has around 690+ million users :


To make your hard work acknowledged, I think this is the right place.

And the audience is great and I know you are not going to miss this opportunity to promote on this platform.


Running ads on Facebook is quite expensive but effective.

Everyone knows now to get seen by people we need to run ads, but now days Facebook increasing its ads price

So now to avoid useless clicks and wastage of money,

Hack: We need to target our audience and promote our content through ads to them only.

This will increase your traffic and shares because they are seeking for that so they definitely share that blog.


These ads will really make you visible to your targeted audience.

To win on Facebook, ads are necessary to grow.


Sites like Quora, Medium and forums just write short articles on them and include links to your site to read full articles.

Quora also has a great audience. You can also target the audience to whom you want to bring to your site.

Hack: Many people ask their queries so you just give answers to them and make a relation on that platform.

 So, they will definitely visit your site.


These are the results when we search for marketing.

 See on one question we have 3.6k views.

Means you can bring a lot of audience from that question.

Same things follow many forums and sites.


Today also emails are the most effective way to promote your content because in email you know what exactly to say to your audience.

Just approach as many as you can because you will definitely get results.

Please don’t send spam emails to them.

Your mail should be so clear about your article why should they read it.

Hack: Before sending any mail or before writing just think about those emails you get daily and how you treat those emails.

If you write mail thinking about how you would like to have it.

Then really you cracked the email marketing.



Emails do require more time than an ad.

But i personally love emails to make relation with the audience


YouTube is growing so quickly that most of the people now prefer YouTube more than google.

We also know that videos are way better than articles,

We should also grow our content in YouTube and increase blog traffic.

Hack: we should turn our blog content into videos this can increase attention to our blog.

And also increases the ranking in google.

To make your videos visible and rank in YouTube check my article on YouTube SEO.


Your videos must be a combination of most accurate information so that people will share it also.

And result in more traffic and views.

(do not just copy every single line of your blog into video).


Infographics are way better to gain links which helps you to build your site authority.

Most of the bloggers love to take infographics and in return they provide you links and this splits the audience to your blog.

Inforgraphics Really Helps you build relations with other bloggers.


Example of a infographic:

Hack: You can make the best info-graphics with canva .

I personally love this website so it is easy to use and very effective.


Case studies give a deep knowledge about your article and give an influence that that’s why they should follow your blog to grow themselves.

You can interview the best people in your niche and give their case study in your blogs.

It’s human nature everyone to get more known so for that they will definitely share your article on their site or blog.

Their followers will also come to your site and share your content.

You can build relationships with their fan base and convert them into your regular readers.

Hack: do podcasts with other bloggers and build relations with them.

This method is very effective in building bonds with other bloggers.


Comments are the most effective way to build relationships with your audience personally.

You had noticed that most popular bloggers comment back to every person.

Because they want you to comment back to their article again and again.

They encourage their audience to comment.

Hack: reply every single comment back, this encourages them to comment on your articles.

This builds a bond.

Second thing, i want you to comment on many other bloggers to build relation so that they can share your blogs on their blogs also.

So, these are the 10 hacks to increase blog traffic. You will find many more on other websites but if you implement these, I assure you, you will get great traffic to your blog.

Feel free to comment or Contact Us, I will Reply As Soon As Possible.



Pranjal Parihar

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