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10 Online Reputation Management (ORM) Tools That Will Help You to Monitor Web Presence

10 Online Reputation Management (ORM) Tools That Will Help You to Monitor Web Presence

In today’s blog we will discuss some online Reputation management( ORM) tools to find our online image or reputations to get great success in or business or service.

Nowadays, we are living in internet world and many businesses are earning in millions and billions only through internet. So to remain on top they need to maintain their online reputation.

In digital marketing strategy, their is big role of reputation management because with this we get to know that we are doing good or not.

To maintain your online reputation perfect you need to work on your feedbacks and your customer needs, by this you will get many good reviews that will build a strong reputaion for your business.

So here I suggest you some applications which can help you with your online reputation:

Google Alerts:-

Google is a revolution in the internet phase which has made our life very easy just tap and search you can get connected to the whole world by tapping then why not a business. Google offers many marketing and SEO tools for professionals and the best one is Google alerts.

You just need to. Enter your company’s name into google alert and then surprise. Next time whenever your company will appear in a search result you will get a mail. Google alerts have changed the life of businessmen and the biggest thing all this is just free.

Google alerts not only help you with this reputation analysis but also protect your online reputation and stopped your content from being used by anyone.


Brand 24:

Brand24 is a simple application that lets you check the hype of your social media amongst people. And also, you can compare by checking other business reputations.

It’s a multifunctional tool that gives you immediate access to all the public mentions on the internet and allows people to track and engage in online conversations relevant to the company.

This tool also gives you information about your reach amongst people, sentiments, and influence on people. This tool’s real-time notification features also let you deal with emergency crises easily.


This is an all-in-one tool that can analyze and improve your online visibility. This tool helps marketers with offering easy SEO, PPC, SMM, etc.

This is a helpful tool in keyword research, competitor analysis, and campaign optimization. By SEMrush you can access the largest database in the world and that also just by a simple procedure.

SEMrush offers a limited period free service to lets you get an idea that how does it work. This tool analyzes your data and gives you instant recommendations for SEO.

This tool also offers you advertising services to let people know about your brand.



A remarkable evolution in the SEO field to help marketers to manage the feedback and reach of their brand as well as the experience they provide to their customers.

Reviewpush offer an individualized customer experience to truly tell you the narrative of your brand amongst the public. Reveiwpush lets you select a specific public-facing review site to build positive reviews of your brand. The most unique thing about this tool is that it lets you download the reviews and check them anytime.



Sentione helps you in monitoring online discussions regarding your brand. This also helps you in searching for truly relevant insights with an online listening feature and data analysis engine to manage your online brand image. Sentione gives you unlimited keywords, real-time monitoring Audience Insights.

This tool integrates your social profiles within one online brand management tool. This tool offers you an instant response to manage your crisis.


Social mention:

Social mention is a search engine that searches and analyzes user-generated content across the whole world by converting it into a single stream of information. 

This tool can easily track and record the social presence of your brand i.e., what people around the world are saying about you, your brand, any new product, or on any other topic across the Web and social media landscape.



Reputology is a platform that helps you with monitoring your business and check online reviews by review monitoring. This lets you experience 24/7 monitoring of your brand and honest feedback directly from customers.

This platform also helps in aggregating all the feedback at a place and measures your online performance.



It is a social management tool that makes reputation management easy. This app lets you track the brand mention across the major social network and the web in Realtime and you can also respond to these feedbacks from the app only.

This tool also offers a sentimental analysis which means showing the positive and negative narratives of your brand and also it lets you find the spikes for addressing them.

Awario also spots your content and applies copyright infringements so no one can steal your unique content. This tool also analysis your competitors’ power to give you an idea of how to make your things work.


Go fish:

Gofish is a Google-powered complaint box to check your brand’s online health. It is a handy and easy tool that lets you perform searches over 40 websites and check if anyone has filed any complaint or negative review about you. You can also see the brand’s rating, best reviews.

This is a free tool that helps you very much in managing your online report.


SEO spyglass:

SEO spyglass application is designed to check the brand’s overall reputation and also it helps you to monitor the best reviews and SEO keywords to SEO your brand healthy.

This tool also offers a Domain comparison module that lets you compare your link profile with your competitors and which aspects are best for you and on which you need to work.



Online things have become easy and so business. These are some online apps that can be very helpful for your business and brand reputation. just go these tools and build your brand reputation to fullest.

Thank you!


Mohit Dadhich

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