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10 WordPress Plugins that will Speed up your Site[2020]


Hello There!

We are back with another Blog on 10 WordPress Plugins that will Speed up your Site, for our WordPress users and for Digital Marketers.

Today’s topic is very unique because after these plugins you will see a great increment in the speed of your site.

Before installing any Plugin, I recommend you to take proper backup of your site because sometimes plugins can harm your website and your website can be crashed.

Please read all the requirements before installing any plugin because it can harm the speed of your site.

So without wasting any time let’s dive right into the Plugins:-

  1. WP Super Cache: Faster rendering

2+ million active installations and 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 1258 reviews.

WP super Cache plugin
  • It is free of cost
  • Made by automattic
  • It is easy to use
  • Advanced settings- Gzip compression and browser caching
  • You can preload content into the cache, it helps you speed boost your site.
  • It can help you to set up a CDN(content delivery network).
  1.  WP Super Minify: Compressing js and CSS scripts:-

Minify javascript and CSS is very crucial for the speed of the site.

When you do a site audit on Gtmetrix then it will definitely suggest you minify the scripts.

So no need to worry about anything if you don’t know the coding, this plugin will do your work in only one click.

WP Super Minify Plugin
  • 10,000+ active installations and have 4 out of 5 stars rating based on 50 people.
  • It is free
  • It will minify your javascript and CSS and other scripts to make your site load faster.
  • Just simply install it and save the settings you will see the results instantly.
  1. WP-Optimize– Optimizing the Database

It optimizes your database in a fully optimized manner and makes it work faster.

Its settings split into 3 parts- clean the database, compress images, and caching.

WP-Optimize Plugin
  • It is free of cost
  • It cleans up the database to make your site load fast
  • We can also schedule automatic cleanups 
  • It compact and defragment the SQL tables.
  • It saves potential space and you can see database statistics also.
  • It also compresses images, this service is provided by third-party resmush.it.
  • It also caches pages to load fast.
  • It takes granular control over optimizations.
  1. ShortPixel: Image Compression:-

It is the best Plugin, I ever came across in image compression, it gives 100 credits for free, and for more, you have to pay the little amount but it is worth it.

ShortPixel Image optimizer Plugin

For the speed of the website, optimizing images is the most important part, and for that this plugin can help you to save a lot of your time in optimizing images one by one.

  • After installing shortpixel, whenever you upload an image to WordPress, shortpixel will automatically resize and compress your image according to SEO and speed.
  • It also supports all browsers and WebP conversion is also available.
  • PNG to Jpg is also convertible by this plugin.
  1. Lazy load by WP Rocket: Lazy loading

Lazy load is also important for the speed of the site because it is like a hack that only loads that part of the site which the user is watching at that time.

It is provided by the most reputed and famous company WP Rocket, it is installed by 100,000+ and it’s rating is 4 out of 5 from 110 people.

Lazy load plugin
  • It is free of cost
  • Its main work as you know is to show which you see on site but it also does iframes and youtube videos.
  1. Cache Enabler: Faster Rendering

It is also good for website health and speed, it clears the cache in just one click.

Cache Enabler Plugin

It has 90,000+ active installations and 4.3 out of 5 rating stars based on 92.

  • It is free of cost
  • It is very easy to use, it takes only one click to clear the cache.
  • It also minifies the HTML and inline javascript.
  • It also offers us an expiry directive.
  1. WP youtube Lyte: Lazy Loading

Many WordPress sites use youtube videos and they make thumbnails that consume them more time to make and it also makes the site load slower so to make the user experience great, this plugin show thumbnail only when you click on the video.

This makes the site load time very faster. 

WP youtube Lyte Plugin
  • It is free and 20,000+ active installations
  • It inserts thumbnail only when you interact with the video.
  • It also works on the youtube playlist.
  1. Heartbeat Control by WP Rocket: Heartbeat control:-

Heartbeat control helps you to manage the frequency of the WordPress API.

The WordPress Heartbeat API is a great feature that provides real-time communication between the server and the browser when you are logged into your WordPress admin panel.

Heartbeat Control Plugin
  • It is free 
  • You can limit or stop the WordPress Heartbeat API.
  • You can add heartbeat rules to :- Dashboard, Frontend, Post editor.
  1. Yoast SEO: for all SEO needs:-

One of the best SEO tools, I used for my WordPress site. Its main goal is to provide SEO to our site but for this plugin, you need to have some SEO knowledge to do the best optimizations for SEO. This can make your site rank higher and visible in the SERP.

Yoast SEO Plugin
  • It is free but only for one keyword, to get more keywords optimization you need to pay.
  • Easy to set up, if you have prior knowledge about SEO.
  • You can link search console with it, add meta description and SEO friendly title, and much more.
  1. WP Rocket:- 

This one plugin is enough to make all the optimizations and speed your website to the next level you can’t imagine.

This plugin is so good that you can see the results in just clicks.

WP Rpcket plugin
  • It is paid but the price is worth giving.
  • Stop struggling with other plugins just buy this plugin and get relaxed.
  • It caches the page and decreases the loading time.
  • It also reduces the weight of the HTML, JS, and CSS through minification.
  • It also provides you the premium version of the lazy load.


In the last, I want you to just buy the WP Rocket plugin and you will get all features in this one plugin only, or if you don’t want to invest just install all the above plugins and you will get the lightning speed of your site.

Thank you!


Pranjal Parihar

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