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101 best 60+ High DA Websites that Accept Guest Post on Digital marketing [2020]

101 best 60+ High DA websites that accept guest post

Hello there!

In this blog, I can assure you that after this Blog you have a 101 best 60+ guest posting High DA websites list on Digital marketing which you can blindly trust and follow to reach out and build high-quality links.

Before we dive right into the list first let explain to you about guest posting.


In simple words, it is a post that you write for other high DA websites in return they provide you a Do follow the link to your website. This is the best way to make high-quality links for your website.

It is an exchange of knowledge with branding and linking to your site from a high authority site.

It also provides traffic to your site, those who like your work will definitely follow you on your social media platforms and website.

How to Find Guest Posting opportunities: –

Before finding Guest Posting opportunities, you need to find sites relevant to your niche or industry. Please keep in mind these criteria: –

  • Content must be related to your niche and should all the requirements, the site where you guest post.
  • Make sure your audience is interested in your industry or niche.
  • Your Blog must be engaging and make the readers

Share the post on other social media platforms.

  • A blog owner should be very active on social media to make sure that, he or she replies to every comment and encourage them to revisit their posts and share.

For example, if you are in the food industry then you should guest on food sites. This can help you to generate your niche type of audience.

To search for guest posts opportunity, Google is the best option. Search these terms on google: –

  • Your Keyword “guest post”
  • Your keyword “write for us”
  • Your keyword “contributes”
  • Your keyword “guest post by”
  • Your keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • Your keyword “guest post guidelines”


These results will take you to the sites which accept guest posts or other writers who accept guest posts.

Prolific Guest posting: –

My personal suggestions to you is, in whichever industry or niche you are please read blogs. After reading many blogs you will find some most common names of authors in your niche or industry.

Google their names and follow them on their social media to stay connected to their guest posts, where are they posting and you can also get a link from them.

Competitor backlinks: –

You can say it a shortcut to get links to most of the guest posts and outreach them in your niche. This way is checking backlinks of your competitor. You can get all the links detail by using some tools like

Free- Ubersuggest


Paid – Ahref, SEMrush



How to pitch for Guest posts?

A pitch is the key factor of guest posting because if your pitch is not worth, you will not get the opportunity to submit your post, and your all research will be worthless. So please read these points before making your pitch to a guest Blog.

  1. Research well on the website you are pitching for because the editors get many emails for guest post not knowing what they are looking for, so don’t be like those, be unique and tell them about their blog so that, they can think that, you given had given your time on their posts.
  • Don’t tell the editor how you will get benefited by their link, rather than tell them how your post will make their audience engagement and learn something from your Blog.
  • Please be short and effective, avoid writing long and lengthy pitches. Editors really don’t have much time to read a very lengthy pitch. Give them a short but effective pitch by mentioning all the important points.

So now you learned pretty much all about Guest posting,

now let me make shorten your some work,

Here are 101 best High DA websites (60+) that accepts Guest Posting on Digital marketing:-

 So list begins,

  1. Navethemes– DA 60
  2. Mashable– DA 93
  3. Getresponse– DA 85
  4. Socialmediaexaminer- DA 78
  5. Killerstartups– DA 60
  6. Seroundtable– DA 76
  7. Johnchow– DA 60
  8. Blogherald– DA 61
  9. Smashingmagazine– DA 91
  10. Socialmediatday– DA 79
  11. Incomediary– DA 60
  12. Postplanner– DA 72
  13. Tweakyourbiz– DA 60
  14. Thesempost– DA 62
  15. Techniblogic– DA 74
  16. Business2community– DA 86
  17. Moneycrashers– DA 73
  18. Business-opportunities– DA 70
  19. Wikihow– DA 93
  20. Dailybligtips– DA 60
  21. Campaignmonitor– DA 71
  22. Mailerlite- DA 66
  23. Adweek– DA 92
  24. Creately– DA 75
  25. DylanDogDeadofNight– DA 60
  26. Cloudways– DA 60
  27. Technical– DA 73
  28. Belize-travel-blog.chacreek– DA 60
  29. Thediplomat– DA 81
  30. Businessmagazine– DA 60
  31. Vandelaydesign– DA 60
  32. Bizcommunity– DA 77
  33. Contentmarketinginstitute– DA 76
  34. Searchenginewatch– DA 81
  35. Socialnomic– DA- 60
  36. SEMrush– DA-79
  37. CXL– DA 64
  38. Marketingprofs– DA 75
  39. Benchmarkemail – DA 64
  40. Prnewpros– DA 64
  41. Invespcro– DA 65
  42. Viralblog– DA 60
  43. Creativeblog– DA 87
  44. Outbrain– DA 82
  45. Readwrite– DA 86
  46. Geeksgyaan– DA 64
  47. Techie-buzz – DA 64
  48. B2bmarketing– DA 66
  49. Business– DA 79
  50. Thisiscolossol– DA 75
  51. Webdesignledger– DA 82
  52. Inc42– DA 75
  53. Dumblittleman– DA 63
  54. Pickthebrain– DA 65
  55. Alistapart– DA 79
  56. Lifehacker– DA 92
  57. Underconstructionpage– DA 60
  58. Propellerads– DA 60
  59. Thesitsgirls– DA 66
  60. Startupnation– DA 61
  61. Writelife– DA 60
  62. Trainingzone– DA 60
  63. Techwalls- DA 60
  64. Customerthink– DA 69
  65. Marketing2business– DA 60
  66. Techdee– DA 60
  67. Techsplashers– DA 60
  68. Prowritingaid– DA 60
  69. Thehealthcareblog– DA 65
  70. Swarajmag– DA 69
  71. Psychcentral– DA 87
  72. Warontherock– DA 69
  73. Techcults– DA 60
  74. Webupdatesdaily– DA 60
  75. Techreviewscornor– DA 60
  76. Stuffinpost– DA 60
  77. Webtechmantra– DA 60
  78. Emartspider– DA 60
  79. Hypergridbusiness– DA 60
  80. Techcycled– DA 60
  81. Gatesfoundation- DA 77
  82. Medium– DA 96
  83. Retargetingnews– DA 61
  84. Theitbase– DA 60
  85. Huffpost– DA 93
  86. Ehow– DA 92
  87. Makezine– DA 82
  88. Blogher– DA 81
  89. Forbes– DA 95
  90. Business insiders– DA 86
  91. Surveymonkey– DA 93
  92. Fastcompany– DA 92
  93. Entrepreneur– DA 92
  94. Inc– DA 92
  95. Harvardbusinessreview– DA 91
  96. Venturebeat– DA 92
  97. Investopedia– DA 91
  98. Dotdash– DA 78
  99. Wisebread– DA 70
  100. Investing– DA 91
  101. Tech– DA 81


After this list, I can bet you that traffic will be overloaded. I know some websites from this list are very hard to guest post on them but not impossible. This is the list I use to guest, this is my personal list that I am sharing up you, this can definitely help you a lot.

Please make sure you pitch is good.

I hope these High DA Websites can help your website to increase SEO ranking.

Thank you!


Pranjal Parihar

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  1. LiveWebDigital
    August 1, 2021 Reply

    Hi, thanks for sharing the free guest post site, please add my website to the free guest post list.

  2. Anam Thompson
    October 4, 2021 Reply

    Your list of guest post sites is really helpful, if anyone wants to contribute they can reply upon the list.

    I will be really happy if you add on your list with one of my site as https://www.techygossips.com/p/submit-technology-guest-post.html.
    One can share the latest technology news, digital marketing, gadgets, gaming etc over here.

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