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What is an advanced SEO?

SEO content providers always look for quality content, whether it is for blogging, event, or any organization. There is an industry-wide struggle existing since the audience is complaining about the low quality of the content. It means the quality is not up to the mark and hence not advanced. The word “advanced SEO Techniques” is a multi-dimensional concept as the actual definition varies from person to person. It is such a state that lacks reality but not close enough to touching reality.

Such techniques cannot be listed down in a sheet. But some strategies and methods may lead to the success of the efforts.

Why are the advanced SEO techniques necessary?

According to Neil Patel,


The definition of advanced SEO is the incorporation of technical tools to some of the audience. Including spread-sheets, plug-ins, and coding are necessary elements for creating a successful SEO campaign according to their belief. Advanced SEO indeed requires technical integrity, but sometimes it is quite challenging. 

Large-scale enterprise SEO may be called advanced SEO. Websites that publish hundreds of pages sometimes lack genuine content. Here the challenge lies in quantifying and qualifying the content in the ranking list with the exclusive unique content.

The definition of advanced can be linked to something new and innovative. It is essential to cope up with the variability of Google algorithms. Hence advanced SEO is necessary to fight with such issues. But the impact of such efforts and limited and only a handful of the audience gets its benefit.

There is a myth that advanced SEO is all about some secret spells of the wizard that will increase the ranking. They also agree to pay whatever the service’s price will be and get fooled by some dishonest agencies. The reality is much more practical and diplomatic. It may be possible to increase the ranking when the niche is narrow. But these methods are short-lived. Google catches them on in no time.

1. Performing SEO audit:-

Auditing is a systematic examination of a process that ensures better decision making in the future. It will clearly explain the reason behind the poor traffic flow and lower sales annually.

An SEO audit can be performed manually or using any premium tools like AHrefs, SEMRush, etc. The overall performance of the site can be scanned through auditing.


2. Getting to know the users’ requirements:-

Building a more robust search engine is the only motive for a better ranking of the website. The building element can be traced by knowing the perfect requirement of the customers.

The target customers are the only way to improve the SEO search engine criterion.

3. SEO optimized landing pages:-

Creating high-quality landing pages can able to make more sales. Most companies focus on creating a homepage. But a landing page is the only way a healthy relationship can be built with the customers.

Creating landing pages with professional graphics and a modern layout is essential for any business to attract new customers.

4. Mobile-friendly website:-

As we all know Majority of internet searches approximately 60% is done on mobile devices. A website performs well when it is responsive to all sizes of devices.

Organic search result ranking can be increased through Google only when the website is mobile-friendly. The top portion of e-commerce sales is generated through mobile devices in the United States. 


5. Traffic growth with info-graphs:-

Info-graphs simplify the complex information in a more straightforward pattern. The audience than a text article more easily absorbs the graphical content.

Apart from good visual skills, the facts should be clear and crisp. Info-graphs can quickly bring sales. The websites that publish info-graphs can expect better growth than others.

6. Content optimization for Rank-Brain:-

Rank-Brain is an algorithm. It is one of the most search engine factors of Google. With the help of an artificial intelligence system, Rank-Brain scans through the page’s content and finds the relatable keywords searched by the audience. It analyzes the search results to a great extent. 

7. Focusing on content-length:-

Content length and search engine ranking have a definite relationship. But the quality should not drop along with the increase in the number of words.

Having a higher rate of content can easily be an article of 1,890 words having rubbish content. The strategy is to have a detailed writing ability so that people get the interest to read each of the lines with enough enthusiasm.


8. A roundup post:-

Enlisting some of the best possible features or interviewing some people over the same topic is all about a roundup post. It increases the search capacity of the engine. This roundup activity will surely help the person to increase the traffic volume as well. 

9. Updating the old content:-

There are some blogs and posts written on some exciting topics. But after some time, it is felt that the content is still bringing some amount of organic traffic.

It is the perfect time to think about updating the content. Headlines clarity can be a good thing that can increase traffic. 


10. Internal deep linking:-

Deep linking can bring a more excellent index rating of Google. It means using some anchor text from a different post into the blog. It is an essential procedure to increase the SEO optimization process.

The structure of the website can be shaped in a better way. The ranking among the internal pages will also increase. Google spiders will feel the better organization of the published content.

11. Sending link juice:-

When some links are out-bounded from high authority sources, it is called link juice. It increases the reputation on the lower website on which the link juice activity is performed.

Hence the quality of the content should also be high and according to levels of the higher authority. Sending link juice is a necessary procedure that is strategic. The focus should be maintained on improving the quality of the content.

12. Linking to external sites (Back-links) :-

Getting links from high authority domains will help to pass the link juice. It will help to gain enough trust from Google if the parts are taken from big company websites. 

13. Competitor’s SEO keywords:-

The competitors have already worked on keyword research. Hence wasting time to re-invent the keywords is useless. Instead, the keywords can be spied and utilized in the content for a better and powerful ranking. It is a good strategy that does not consume enough time. 

14. Using Ad-Words Copy:-

These are short and optimized words. The same keyword can be used to increase the ranking organically. It will create a huge opportunity to establish content in front of target customers. These keywords can be searched and used to publish on the website.

15. Using multiple keywords:-

Within the same page title, various keywords can be placed. It is an excellent strategy by which the online search ranking is increased in a better way. The person may focus on the keywords even if he is not able to write good content. 



These Advanced SEO techniques will increase the online presence and generate sales for the company. Due to the more in-depth understanding of the logical algorithms, it is now easier to stay ahead, leaving behind all other competitors.

SEO is the only process that can help the ranking of the website apart from website designing and it is important for the growth of any business to bring enough sales.



Mohit Dadhich

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