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Are You still struggling to find the best marketing strategies for your E-commerce store if yes in this blog you will see How the Azuro Republic increased its web presence using these 3 E-commerce Marketing Strategies

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Here are some common marketing channels and how you’d use them to build a robust sale on online stores. Take a men’s accessory brand, Azuro Republic, for example, in order to give you a sense of what an E-commerce marketing strategy looks like.

Social Media Marketing:

Once you’ve created your account, write a bio for your profile, include a link to your website, add a logo image, and set up a few boards:


What’s great about Azuro Republic’s page is it caters to their main demographic, fashionable men. The Azuro Republic categorizes each of its boards to match how customers search its site. Plus, Azuro Republic puts all of its product boards first — beaded bracelets. So if someone loves Silver Classic Howlite bracelet, then he could click the image he likes and direct to product page.


Content Marketing:

If you manage an online men’s exquisite bracelets store, writing blog posts about “Dressing like a Gentleman” can attract everyone involved in wedding preparations no matter where they are in the planning process.

content marketing

As visitors become more engaged, you can create posts that will move them into consideration, like “top 5 trendy bracelet styles of 2019“, and turn them into leads, like clicking the product page of “Silver Classic Howlite bracelet”.

Search Engine Marketing:

search engine marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) includes both search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising. SEO relies on your knowledge of Google’s ranking algorithm to optimize content, you could submit guests posts to other websites, so that will help you get more backlinks and domain authority for your E-commerce site, thereby telling search engines that you have a reliable site.

E-commerce businesses have several exposure channels, including social media, the main website, and SEO. Using digital marketing tools and inbound marketing strategy is just the trend now, you can create campaigns that are designed to help your online store attract customers and grow better.

So, here are some few strategies that Azuro Republic used to increase their brand awareness, brand recognition and revenue for their business.

So, which startegy you are going to use first for your E-commerce store ?

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