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5 SEO WORST Mistakes! That can ruin a Blog [2020]


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If you are not getting a lot of traffic then my friends,

Here are 5 SEO Worst Mistakes that keeping you back in the blogging world and if you are making your first website keep them in mind.

Let’s just dive right into it!


It is a common technique to make a site rank in google by just stuffing keywords in the article.

This indicates Google that this article is all about this keyword.

Whenever someone searches on the google search bar that keyword, the most stuffed article provided to user.

A few years ago this technique is most common until google’s new update came.

Today, Google uses Latent Semantic Indexing to spot similar words and recognize your topic without continually using the same keywords over and over.

This update has made it easy for search engines to spot the behavior of an article with just a single keyword.

Now keyword stuffing can really decrease your ranking and made it invisible to readers.

This can give your site a big backfall before get started.

Tip:- Use a few keywords that are best relevant to your article and do proper keyword research.


There are many sites that tell you that they will provide you above 60 DA backlinks and many new bloggers purchase them because they want to increase their DA score that increases their authority.

But they don’t know the reality, in the initial stage they get a good amount of traffic but when google find out this practice, google blacklist the website and you have no chance to make that website ever rank on google.

A few years ago, these practices would work but now google is becoming more advance, and google finds out these websites and shut them down too quickly and flag them spammy.

This means that links from these websites will actually have a negative impact on your rankings.

It’s better to put your efforts into attracting a few top-quality, high-ranking links that will have a much better effect on your rankings.

Tip:- write great quality content and reach out to these high ranking sites for guest posts.


These days many people just copy and paste their articles with some alteration and don’t make proper content for their audience or they just ignore their audiences.

But google can see the copied versions and can make sure that they don’t rank because in google only the most relevant content rank 1st on google.

Everyone just creates versions of one content this gives the visitor unsatisfied experience.

Tip: – make a unique article try to make it more relevant to the content. This increases more possibility to rank.

Just try to add statics to your content and some pictures, flow charts, and videos to give a better experience to the visitor.

4.  Not Prioritizing Speed: –

“According to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds”.

A slow website is a fast way to lose potential customers. With attention spans shorter than ever, you simply can’t afford to have a lagging website.

If your website is not fast it can bore the visitor and go to another fast website that knows the value of time for their visitors.

Google sees this and gives your site a low ranking because your site gives a bad experience to the visitor.

If you have a slow website, it’s time to do some testing and optimization.

Images that we add to our website are the main reason to make our site slow.

Tip:- Do proper testing and optimization and check the errors and then fix them do this process until your site is not fast.

Make sure images that you add are of low storage if they have high storage compress them and then upload them.

5.  Using the Wrong SEO Theories: –

There are too many rumours in SEO field that can highly affect your ranking.

Just focus on the right sources they will help you to generate traffic.

Some people use Blackhat SEO to make others down, they just spread wrong theories and strategies so, you can follow them and end up nowhere.

It’s important to remember that SEO works based on algorithms, and scientific methods should determine your next moves, not wild guesses.

The best way is to always make your strategies without relying on other so-called experts.

Always keep an analysis of your strategies on how they are working and with those data continuously change your strategies.

Tip: – It’s also a good idea to start small with any changes, and split tests to see if they actually work for your site.

It can sometimes take a while to see what impact a change has on your rankings, so stay patient.

Wrapping Up: –

Do you know how many SEO Worst mistakes you are making unknowingly?

Now, keep these points in your mind then start your blog or website.

I have more points; we can discuss them in next blog if you comment down “more”.

Hope you like this article!

Thank you!


Pranjal Parihar

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