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6 Best Webinar Software 2021 – All You Need to Host Your Own Webinar



Are you looking to host your own webinar?

In today’s digital era, every marketer, business, or individual is hosting webinars to communicate with people from worldwide. It can be used for many reasons like selling products/services, Get More leads, customer support, Meetings, and many more.

Hosting a successful webinar really depends on finding a right webinar software. Which one is the best?

Let’s go through top 6 webinar software’s that are successful in 2020

  1. ZOOM
  2. Webinar Jam
  3. Go To Webinar
  4. EasyWebinar
  5. EverWebinar
  6. WebinarsOnAir

How to Find Best Webinar Software?

The best webinar software will allow you to record, share video, performing live and even reminders with your attendees without any difficulties.

Choosing the best webinar software is very important, these factors can really help you to choose best software against your needs.

  1. How many people can attend your webinar?
  2. How many co-hosts are allowed?
  3. Audio Quality
  4. Reporting and Analytics

Many of us had issues with some webinar software such as technical issues, complicated admin and limits on attendees. That’s why, I did research to find today’s best webinar software to make things easier for you.

1. Zoom

Pricing starts from ($14.99/month/license) – Free for Personal Marketing


Many marketing professionals, businesses or individuals are using zoom webinar software to engage with their audience, customer chat support or lead generation, and many more. It is the best webinar software tool available in the market.

Key Benefits: –

HD Video and audio with screen sharing

In their free plan Allowing up to 100 attendees and unlimited one-to-one meeting

User Friendly with easy to navigate dashboard

Free to signup

Take backup of every meeting

Public and private chat which allows viewers to communicate without any interruption

2. Webinar Jam

Pricing starts from $41.58/month – Best for selling products online


Webinar Jam is #2 on my list and best cloud-based webinar software tool available. You can use this software without knowing any technical knowledge such as how-to setup a webinar, this tool will bring you everything you need.

It also allows you to directly stream with password protected meeting to your YouTube Channel.

Key Benefits: –

Offering pop-ups to your attendees during the webinar session so they can buy your product from the webinar also.

High Quality video and audio

You can also interact live chat, Q&A with your attendees in real time

Automated recordings

Social Media Channels

Setup a webinar in less than 60 seconds

Dedicated Customer Support

There are also many other benefits available, you can read here.

3. Go To Webinar

Pricing starts from $109/month/organizer – best for big companies


Go To Webinar will cover everything you need for hosting a successful webinar. You just need to choose a date you want to host and it will take care of everything.

Key Benefits: –

Pre-recorded Webinars

High-Definition Video and Audio

Engagement dashboard

In Built Polls & Surveys

Integration with CRM & Marketing automation

Event Analytics

You can read full other benefits here.

4. Easy Webinar

Pricing starts from $13.50/month


This webinar software tool allows you to host a successful webinar campaign in just 5 steps even if you are new. It is an easy-to-use tool focused only on helping you sell your products more.

Key Benefits: –

No Delay Streaming

High Quality Audio and video

Live Chat

Allows Multiple Presenters

Record or archive all your webinar sessions

Advance analytics and reporting

High-Definition Screen sharing

Easy Cast (Allows you to stream on multiple channels)

5. Ever Webinar

Pricing starts from $41/month


The most powerful automation webinar software available in market with fully automated features.

Like webinar jam, it is also the best fit for marketing professionals, a small-to-medium business looking to engage with a worldwide audience.

Key Benefits: –

Fake your audience count

Statistics in real time

Live to evergreen in single click

Real-time chat Simulator

Polls & Surveys

Easy Split testing

Full email and SMS system

Advance analytics

6. WebinarsOnAir

Pricing starts from $19.97/month – best for individual or small business (30days free trail)


This cloud-based webinar software tool allows you to host a successful webinar in your budget with all excellent features.

Offered by G-suite, this tool allows you to create your own room and offer you variety of features like webinar real time chat, polls and surveys, email reminders and the option to charge a webinar fee.

Key Benefits: –

Schedule up to 50,000 attendees in less than 60 seconds

Offer you to create laser-targeted audiences for retargeting

Real time Q&A with real time chat

Allows 10 moderators/presenters


Hosting a webinar using the best webinar software tool really helps you to reach people worldwide. I hope this guide will help you to choose a webinar platform.

I recommend you to get started with ZOOM for free.

Which webinar software tool is the best for your needs?

If you have any other webinar experience please share in below comment section.



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