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6 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns in 30 days


Well, in my opinion, I would not deny the fact that emails do play a major role when any brand thinks about building professional and trustworthy connections.

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In this blog we will discuss few advanced strategies that anyone can use to improve their Email Marketing Campaigns.

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In this digital world, emails are the upmost medium to reach the maximum number of target audiences. Considering different marketing channels, email marketing is the best source to make diverse levels of engagements in a stroke.

Whether it is about engagement in surveys, educating or brushing the audience, flourishing incentives, thanking and feedback emails, or any such email campaigns, there is still a lot left to achieve the height of perfections.


More than a billion emails are sent to the target audiences each day! Ever wondered what makes the audience look into the mails of only a few? What can make your e-mail too appealing to point you out from the crowd? This is what I am going to brief you on in this article!

According to Research, Every buck spent on email marketing gives the potential to earn at least 44 bucks. That makes your ROI really impressive! If your email marketing ROI is not throwing that much impact then you seriously need to go through the following email marketing strategies has also described.


Before proceeding further, the answers of the 4Ws should always be crystal clear in your heads about your brand. Those are-

  • Which is your target Audience
  • Why send the emails
  • What is your email compromising?
  • When to send the emails

Few most strapping nibs to Improve Email Marketing Campaigns in 30 Days

After knowing the accurate answers for the above questions, let’s move on to our below tactics that can help in a successful marketing campaign and thereby boosting the conversions

1. Segmenting Your List

Divide your email list into segments that will help you to send more targeted emails and thereby improving campaign results. Cut up your lists according to the characteristics like demographics, purchase history, sale stages, etc. Segmentation will just enhance the significance of marketing efforts for all subscribers.

2. Personalize Your Emails

Personalizing content is the most crucial part of any marketing strategy. There is always a demand for unique, entertaining, and high- quality content through the customers’ end. To elevate the conversions, personalized marketing can be of real help.

  • Using the name of the customer in the body as well as the subject of the mail is the best tactic to get a response, expressing as if the mail is specially written for his/her.
  • Personal level recommendations for products
  • Reminder emails to site visitors with a caring attitude can be a game-changer
  • Prefer sending emails through a real person like CEO, managing director, CSM, etc., sending emails with “do not reply” criteria throw a doubtful impact on the audience.


3. Deliver-ability

Make sure that your emails are reaching the recipients’ inboxes; they are not trapped by spam or junk filters. Adding an unsubscribe button at the bottom will help users to easily stop receiving mails which is far better than reporting your emails as spam. Prefer clean and quality content to run away from spam filters.

4. Mobile Optimization

More than 50% of people these days prefer opening their emails on mobile devices and the percentage will only grow consistently. So, it is more advisable to make sure that your emails look fascinating on mobile devices, tablets as well as laptop screens.


  • Always use single-column designs for the text
  • Make sure that the call-to-action buttons are large enough to make it easy tapping for the customers.
  • For effective presentation on mobile, prefer email width less than 450px.

5. Social Media Sharing

No doubt that social media can be really helpful to escalate your email list. It can be very simple though, just posting something with an option of sign up can work to engage and bring leads. Even the emails can be used to contact the subscribers and therefore increasing the followers on social media platforms. Use your own social media icons or links to guide the audience straight at your social media account.


6. Frequent emails

Regular emails to engaged subscribers are good for email marketing. Analyze your list and check who all are showing interests and who isn’t. Some customers enjoy getting a chance to give a note of their requests. This will not only increase the revenue of your business but is also a good way to build successful email marketing to an extreme level.

So, That’s all for now and i hope you really enjoyed reading these strategies.

If you will apply all these strategies, definitely you will start seeing the results of your email marketing campaigns in the next 30 days.

Let Me Know In Comment Section If you have any other strategies that we can use to improve our campaigns.



Mohit Dadhich

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