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7 Top Black Hat SEO Techniques That Are Harmful To SEO

Hello there,

Today, we will discuss the Black Hat SEO Techniques, Which can harm our growth and traffic.

Many people to grow faster, take short cuts to rank first like buying links from unauthorized sources, copying content and stuffing keywords, etc. 

They receive great traffic by this in the initial stage but after some time, they see a big fall in traffic and their ranking. Because Google will Blacklist your website and you will not be able to again regain your rankings in your whole life.

But after penalization also some people did not stop using Black Hat SEO Techniques. 

Black Hat SEO simply means not using Webmaster Guidelines and doing the opposite of it, not following it.

Black Hat SEO practitioners have good knowledge about Google rules and algorithms, so they take advantage of that to find shortcuts which are actually a bad practice in eyes of Google.

But Google also has good identification of these practices and it takes less time to identify it and penalize that site.

Now here are some 7 black hat techniques that you should need to avoid:-

1.Buying links for site:-

Buying links from an unauthorized source can provide you a bad impression on Google and this can increase your bounce rate( which will tell Google that you are not a good business) this can also spoil your business.

A high-quality link for a site gives good traffic and also gives Google a sign to trust our site.

Buying links are against the rules of Google webmaster Guidelines.

If you get caught, you have to face a penalty and shutdown of your website from Google SERP.

2.Footer links:-

Your footer should specific links like links to some important pages, address, phone number, map, etc. 

You should not need to provide too many anchor links in the footer. You should keep that in mind that your footer will go on each page and you don’t want that those links will affect your performance.

If you use those links in your footer Google’s algorithms will find that and definitely, penalize you. So be very specific about links.

3.Hidden links:-

Hiding links is an old way to manipulate the Google algorithms, but you should know that you can not hide links from Google it’s a spider anyhow that can discover your links. 

If it found that your links are not relevant to your content and you had given too many links without any relevance, then it will penalize you.

If you are hiding links and adding many irrelevant links then you are diluting your reach from Google.

If you want to disown those links then you can do with the help of google form disown links.

Here are some guidelines which you should know about hiding links:-

  • No hiding of text behind an image.
  • No keeping text off-screen using CSS.
  • No using a font size of 0.

4.Malicious backlinks:-

Some black hat SEO practitioners, to decrease the domain authority of their competitors they give fraud links to that website, they decease they decrease the DA of that website with fake links.

So for this Google given a form to the user, in which they have the right to disown a link, and by this, they can reduce the impact of those fake links.

If Google, finds out this method is done by you then it will penalize you ever.

5. Article spinning:-

It’s a technique in which the writer use synonyms, changing the structure of content, and re-edit the content which is copied from the web. 

In this technique, the writer only spins the content and presents the information in some changed way.

It can be done using manually or automatically both, many websites are there which are giving this facility to users. 

Google can penalize you for spinning the content. 

article spinning

6.Keyword Stuffing in Alt Tags:-

Many people these days stuff keywords in alt tags of image and they think this is a good practice but sorry this is not.

Alt tags are totally for the description of the image not to stuff keywords in that.

This can definitely hurt your site ranking if you do this practice without any relevance.

Usage of alt tags:-

  • Helps screen readers to read the image properly
  • Get displayed when the network is slow or the image file is not loaded properly.
  • Helps search engine to understand images.

7.Hacked website:-

If your website is not secure then you may get a Penguin or Panda penalty, this will be not good for your audience and you also may get a decrease in rankings.

It is useful to get an SSL certificate for your website, because if your website got an attack or injected malicious code then Google will block that code for your users to get affected.

This can bring distrust in your site among the audience and you can face a decrease in the audience.

If you have Google analytics setup then it will give you a notification that your site is been hacked, but the penalty will be there.


Many people thought that if they do Black Hat SEO, they will not get caught and they receive a good ranking and traffic from Google. But it’s a myth, one day or another you will have to face a penalty by Google. 

And after getting a penalty, there are very very less chances to regain your site back.

Please follow Google Webmaster’s rule to get rank, this will help you a lot to get genuine traffic.

Thank you!  


Pranjal Parihar

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