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Let’s start this article with one simple question: –

Are you Doing Facebook Marketing for Getting Leads For Your Business?

  • If your answer is no, then sorry to say that you are missing a huge amount of audience.

In your marketing strategy, I suggest you please include Facebook for huge growth in your business.

Every social media platform has its own audience and every marketer should focus on it.

If you have any doubts, why you should give a glance at Facebook let me provide you 8 benefits of Facebook marketing for a Business.

Here we get started,

1. Unbelievable Wide Audience: –

No doubt that Facebook has a huge audience and very diverse also. This is the first choice of the marketer to advertise.

Many build their whole business on Facebook only.

No matter what your business is you will definitely find your targeting audience.

It is the best place to target youngsters, they can share your content in a wide range and many influencers already have established audiences in a niche.

Ninja outreach– it is the best way to find many influencers which suite your niche and you can contact them in a very easy way.

Many marketers use this tactic to target a specific audience in minimal effort and time but this costs a little bit but really time-saving and provides you with massive leads.

2. Target Both B2B and B2C Audience: –

There is a myth that people think Facebook only allows for B2C advertisements.

But the truth is that more than B2C, businesses use Facebook for B2B advertisements.

You can target both the audience also if your product is for both B2B and B2C.

Note- B2B field is competitive on Facebook so you should need to aggressive to compete with your competitors and generate good quality leads.


With proper research and proper strategy, you can beat your competition.

You can search your audience by searching these terms for the B2B audience.

  • Employer name
  • Job title
  • Employment industry
  • Employer company size
  • Business traveler

You can take you of google analytics to find your audience’s behaviour and find a similar audience on Facebook. This method will definitely work for B2B.

3. Full Flexibility to the Target Audience in Multiple Forms: –

Facebook offers all types of engagement ads like videos, images, audio, banners, etc. this makes people engaged in content and not get bored.

The best way to get the benefit of Facebook is that it is the best platform to spread awareness in the society about your brand.

Show your products to your targeted audience and in a well-organized way, keep in mind that it must look attractive to your audience.

In today’s world, people only like attractive things so for a great response focus on attractiveness.

Make your audience motivated to buy your product to make them feel comfortable and trustworthy. So that in the next process you can retarget them for your other products also.

If you want to drive only traffic to your site then Facebook is a great platform to start with. It will provide you reliable traffic for highly qualified traffic.

Facebook provides you full flexibility to custom your ads and makes them optimized with some call to actions and great extensions.

4.  Transparency to Audience: –

Facebook is a platform that provides full transparency for the audience to see all about the company.

Similarly, the advertiser also has a chance to select his audience and do deep research on it and he can modify his audience whenever he wants.

  • Fans- your Facebook followers
  • Friends of fans- your follower’s friends.
  • Behaviors or interests– Users who meet the criteria you selected based on self-reported criteria.
  • Remarketing- users who visited once to your site.

Facebook also offers the new user to make ads dynamically, this can help those who don’t know how to use it.

The most important thing is always to track the stats given by Facebook to you and test different strategies.

5.  Competitor Targeting: –

You cannot directly target the audience of your competitor or a Brand.

But you can custom make the audience from 20+brands and then target them. This can help you a lot in targeting a great number of audiences.

You can also channelize them to other social media platforms, in this way you can save so much money in buying profiles.

You have to access by your own to audience form them you have to separate gold ones, which will definitely convert.

6. Variety of Ads Format: –

Facebook provides 10 ad formats and within that, it also provides more options like videos or image ads.

For targeting audiences, Facebook offers more options to specify your audience and target them effectively.

Basically, all ads provide information about your business in video and some information.

Make your ad entertaining so that people will see that and got converted, many people only focus on traffic not on conversion, and in the end, it cost them too much and not got the conversion.

Try to add a call to action to make a good amount of conversion.

7. Drive Traffic Directly to Your Business Website:

Many people make ads to drive traffic to their site. But just think people open Facebook to be on it.

It is very difficult to drive them to your site and make them convert.

It is a challenge but can be overcome by making your ad so much attractive so that your audience wouldn’t refuse it.

8. Measurable audience: –

Facebook allows matrices for their ads to advertisers to measure their performance and adjust their strategies and achieve success in their business.

These matrices track all behaviour of their users before they leave Facebook.

The requirement to access that matric is to install Facebook pixels.

Without pixels, Facebook won’t able to help you with your audience. If you use pixels Facebook will recommend ways how you can more optimize your campaigns and generate more revenue.

Conclusion: –

It is very important to make your audience engaged and make them love your brand and products.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, social media is growing at its peak and we marketers want to take full advantage of it. 

Those who not are not doing Facebook Marketing this the best time to use it and generate a good amount of revenue with this opportunity.

Thanks For Reading !!!! 🙂


Pranjal Parihar

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