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8 Best YouTube Keyword Research Tips Every Youtuber Should Know About In 2021

Hello there!

Want to know to find the best keyword for your next upcoming videos, here I will discuss 8 tips to do the best YouTube keyword research in 2021.

In the whole world, YouTube has created its monopoly in videos. And also generated the best creators. Nowadays everybody is using youtube and wants to be a creator of it. But many people don’t know how to get started because there is too much competition.

But to beat that competition you need to play smart like do proper SEO for your videos. You can beat too many of your competitors by just using the right keywords at right time.

As you know to rank on Google also you need to do proper keyword research to get to know which keyword is best suited for you similarly you also need to do proper research on keywords before launching your content.

Listed above tips and tools will help you to get best keywords for your YouTube audience.

Here we start:-

1. YouTube Analytics:-

You can start your keyword research from YouTube analytics

Reach tab gives you a summary about your audience and how they discovered you. But to get best insights you should focus on the YouTube search report, this shows the search terms which are used by viewers to find you or to reach to you.

Like Google,YouTube also use keywords relevance to show best results to it’s users. 

Ranking factor of videos are:-

  • How relevant your title and description is matching with the viewer’s search. 
  • And other thing is engagement for a user’s query.

You should study your analytics very deeply and find out the small small things about your audience, which things they are more likely to watch and which things you need to do more properly to engage them.

When you focus on their behaviour you can find out their interest and can get more traffic by improving after analysis.

2. Using Google Trends YouTube:-

Google trends is the most helpful tool by the Google to find what’s trending is going on in this world.

Just go to Google trends and search your term or a topic in explore box, Google trends will show results on basis of web searches and data of past 12 months as default, but you need to change that to YouTube search by clicking on the web search tab and then a drop-down menu will tell you the options.

As you search your related term on Google trends that will show you the rising related queries, from this you will get best rising and hot topics for your next video to increase engagement and traffic.

Youtube keyword research Using Google Trends

3. YouTube’s search predictions:-

This is something that not everyone uses to their keyword research for YouTube. But like in Google also when you start typing in the search box it starts giving suggestions on our related query. 

So in YouTube also provides suggestions as you start typing in the search box. In those suggestions, there are related terms like your previous searches, other people who are searching for, and also include trending searches.

The most popular ones are on top and least popular ones are on bottom.

By this method you can best keywords to use for your title and descriptions and for your YouTube . 

YouTube's Search Predictions

4. YouTube trending:-

“YouTube trending” it is the new tab in YouTube which contain most viewed video which found interesting by wide range of people.

Most of the time it contain new music videos and a new movie trailer or a viral video, by this it is quite predictable. 

The list of trending videos gets updated every 15 minutes. So, that’s why there are fluctuations in the position of videos in the trending section.

Why we need to check this list? 

Because if a video goes viral, related to your niche or topic, then it inspires you to make more videos related to that topic and generate great traffic.

5. Keyword research using Google ads keyword planner:-

Google Keyword Planner tool is my favourite personally to do keyword research for web and YouTube both. 

This is actually designed for paid ads research but we can use it to get awesome profit with less efforts. 

This tool help us with the competition on a keyword which is fought by the marketers to place a ad. 

If the competition is high on a perticular keyword then it is a great news for you because that much demanding that keyword is and hurrey got your keyword for your next video.

And one more thing, if you monetize your videos then you will receive a good amount from that topic.

6. VidIQ for YouTube:-

VidIQ is the Best tool so far I discovered for keyword research and competitor research. This shows me the best tags and analytics about my competitor’s video SEO so that I can improve myself more.

The basic version of it shows you most of the things about a video like:

  • Views per hour
  • Engagement rate
  • Like ratio
  • Facebook stats of the video
  • Description word count
  • Description link count
  • Full detail about the channel by which it gets uploaded.
  • Tags it used and much more.

This helps you alot to collect more data about your competitor and grow your channel.

Youtube Keyword Research Using VIdIQ

7. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer:-

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is best tool for both keyword search Google as well as YouTube. 

But it is paid tool but it is worth it. It provides you best analytics which is sufficient for you to choose a keyword for your video.

Its pricing starts from $99 a month for lite, $179 a month for standard, $399 a month for Advanced, and $999 a month for an agency.

It’s is one of the best tools present in the market. And gives you stats which are accurate enough for your keyword research.

  • It provides accurate keyword search volume.
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Estimated click you get from that keyword.

Much you will discover like you can search according to location and much more details.

Youtube Keyword Research Using Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

8. SEM Rush keyword magic tool:-

It’s also best tool like Aherfs you can use any of them or both. 

These tools are almost same and provides best data for your keyword research. 

Pricing ranges from $199 to $449 a month according to your chosen plan.

Semrush keyword magic tool provides data on:-

  • Search volume 
  • Keyword difficulty
  • SERP analysis
YouTube Keyword Research using Semrush keyword magic tool


So there you have it – 8 best YouTube Keyword Search tips that every youtuber should know in 2021.

These are best ways to discover you best volume keyword and generate traffic and views for your channel and video. Also keep in mind that not only keyword is the factor to grow your channel, another great factor is engagement, like in Google content is king similarly in youtube also engagement is king. 

So always try to make most engaging content for your viewers and improve it time by time.

Thanks you !


Pranjal Parihar

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