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Today, Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of your Online Marketing strategy.

To Understand Importance Of SEO, Let’s look at few reasons

Why Your Website Needs SEO?

1. Gear up your work with a soft approach rather than hard through optimization

Search Engine Optimization is all about improving rankings by increasing the quantity and quality of traffic on your website through organic, editorial, or natural search engine results. Almost 60% of the traffic on the web comes from google search.

Websites on the first page of google get the greatest number of clicks and those websites which are at the top, have the highest click-through rate (CTR) and increasing traffic.

Organic Search results come just below the pay per click AdWords. These are the natural results i.e. they are ranked according to the merit. Organic results are the most trustworthy and relative websites or web pages as deemed by google.

organic reasults

2. Content marketing

There is a strong interrelationship between SEO and content marketing. Words, articles, keywords, etc. are a need of every website so the first and foremost step to increase traffic is through content marketing. SEO with content marketing is like a plant with leaves. So, in order to increase leads, both must go hand in hand.

3. Keyword optimization

To rank higher in the Search Engine result pages (SERPs), keywords play the most crucial role, so it is very important to research and find the relevant keywords for creating quality content. This can also elevate search engine marketing (SEM). Too much embedding of keywords in the content can also throw a negative impact on SEO so to rank well and boost traffic target keywords are essential.

4. Build Backlinks

When any term is searched on Google, the search engine brings the best results through an algorithm done by google. Google determines the best result through many aspects like Relevancy, which supposes you search for the “chocolate brownie recipe”, google will first look for the pages that are closely related. There are many relevant pages so google will not go for the relevant pages instead will go for the Authority which is Google’s way of determining whether the content is accurate and reliable. After that google looks for the number of other pages linked to the same page called “backlinks”.

Page ranking depends on the number of links it has.

“More the number of links, the higher will be the page ranking”.

5. Improve user experience- UX/UI

There is a big misbelief that SEO only concentrates on the Keywords of content and link building. These are two important aspects for ranking websites but apart from these, there are many other factors that are considered equally important these days like User Experience (UX). Google and other search engine consider fast and secure sites, quick loading, easy navigation, quality content to attract users. To provide the best possible results to the users, Google updates its algorithm and furnish user-friendly results. So, the websites should have an effective UX design to give the appropriate satisfactory results to users.

6. Page Speed- Smart Access

One of the leading SEO ranking factors that affect traffic is the speed of loading the website. The faster the web pages load the better will be the user experience. To improve the user experience, the speed of the mobile page loading matters according to the search engine algorithm. These days the majority of tasks are being handled through Smartphones so web access should be fast. For a good search engine ranking and a better user experience, mobile optimization is a must.

Tools to improve your Website Page Speed Score:

Google Page Speed Insight Tool


7. Co-branding

The more the sharing, the more is the exposure and thus an increase in ranking of pages in google search results. A person sharing content on social networks is not only a direct ranking factor but indirect as well as it is increasing the publicity and ultimately the search engine ranking. Social sharing is a medium to increase the traffic to page itself and automatically will help your brand building. 

8. Pull your plugs up through On-Site and Off-Site SEO

On-Site SEO

The optimization of elements on the website for getting more traffic and get a higher rank on the organic search results. Optimized content and the HTML source code of the page come under On-page SEO in opposition to Off-Site refer to links and many external signals. Relevance is the major factor influencing the On-page optimization.

Implementing tags is a vital aspect of On-page SEO. There are multiple tags on the page but the most in use are the Meta Tags and Title Tags. Meta tags provide the information on the page to the search engines. Along with relevance and user satisfaction, custom Meta tags are equally important to influence users and increase the click-through rate. Title tags are the words that appear at the top of each tab in the browser. Users can see these tags on both the organic results and paid ads. It overviews what the page is all about. 

The ultimate goal of On-page SEO is making easy for the users as well as the search engines to

  1. make them understand what the page is all about

  2. indicate that page as relevant to the search query and 

  3. Find that page is worthy and useful on ranking well on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Some On-page SEO Tips

  • Image Optimization- Unique images on the website put a great impact on Google or any search engine ranking. Giving names on every image of your site helps the search engines to easily understand what the image is all about.

  • Inter-linking- Use keyword-rich internal links high ranked pages to boost the pages that have a low ranking

  • Loading Speed- Boost your page loading speed to accelerate your SEO Ranking

Off-Site SEO

The activities carried outside the website to improve organic visibility come under off-page SEO. It involves the link building which is increasing the number of links from other websites to score trust for the search engines. Links of websites and pages having more trust, relevance and, popularity will be more valuable to search engines than the unknown poor website that isn’t trusted by search engines. So, to get the good quality of links following can be implemented –

  1. Digital PR– It includes the internal news flow of the website, expert interviews, writing for external publications, product placement, and many more.

  2. Influencer Marketing– An online influencer with a lot number of followers on social media market the services or any product of the company then it is referred to as Influencer marketing. These influencers are in direct contact with the people and know-how to exactly direct the thoughts of users. Through social media marketing, the brand grows and creates its own identity and, in the end, increasing the number of followers.  But not all the brands are successful in increasing the followers, a lot of research is required and wasting different posts to know which will influence more to users. Instead, marketing for influencers whose likes and dislikes we already are aware of can better engage peoples’ attention.

  3. Content Marketing– Creating good content with appropriate keywords will attract other links of reputational websites. To improve the organic search ranking, sharable content is also the crucial key to off-site SEO. Amplifying content automatically increases backlinks, brand awareness, and engagement. To uncover the sharable content topics, a lot of research is required which can be done either through social listening or driven insights.

  4. Outreach and Promotion– it includes exchanging information, ideas, news with bloggers, influencers, or webmasters about a Brand, resource, or PR to gain links to a website. 

  5. Forum Posting– Replying to messages and involving in discussions on other websites to generates quality inbound links is what a forum posting is about. Forum posting is a pointer to drive traffic to your website. Discussion forums, Yahoo answers, message board, discussion groups are some forum websites that allow online discussions.


To Make A website SEO Optimized is hard and time taking process.

All it want proper optimizations and high level of patience to get the results with SEO.

SEO can help you to get more organic traffic on target keywords, increase your online business credibility, and improve your web presence.

Plus you will get the results you want for your Business without doing any paid advertising.

So, If you looking to optimize your website for SEO, it is very easy to measure your current website score and ranking – SEO is one of the best ways to achieve your marketing goals.

What makes you to start optimizing your website for SEO?


Mohit Dadhich

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