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8 Ways Website Structure can Affect Your SEO [2021]

In this Blog, We will discuss about the ways you can increase your SEO through Website Structure.

Optimizing a website and making all the on-page and off-page SEO and generating traffic and revenue is the best practice. 

But in 2021, making an organized and structured website is also plays an important role in making crawlers understand your website fully.

Your site must be in a hierarchical structure, in which two things it represents very clearly:

  • What does the page of the site mean? 
  • How each page is interconnected and related to each other.

An SEO expert has to identify this thing that we need to balance the visual design for customers and structure design for the search engine visibility.

This should be the ultimate goal to be done for any website.

A good website should keep these key points in mind to make a good website structure.

  1. Site Crawlability:-

Site Crawlability is one of the most important factors to be done in the initial stage.

Crawlability means a search engine’s ability to crawl through your website to understand it and index it.

It also includes sub pages and particular topics to understand the website and determine its domain authority and trust.

Search engine robots are responsible for the crawling of the website.

Schema and breadcrumbs help robots to see your website more effectively.

Structured Data

Please make a note that Google is also a company and it does not want to its time and money on dead web pages so please make your website more expressive.

  1. URL Structure:-

URLs also an important factor that defines the structure.

URLs also building blocks of the site hierarchy, these URLs direct visitors to the right page, which they want to visit.

URLs structure must be easy to read and short to the user and the robots, this is the best on-page SEO practice.

An XML sitemap is a very effective way to direct Google robots to the main pages of your site.

XML Sitemap

SSL certificate is very necessary to make your site trustable and maintain your virtual reputation.

SSL certificate gives you the HTTPS sign that represents that your site is secure and Google bots and trusts the site. 

Without this SSL certificate and HTTPS you cannot run ads, AMP implementations and analytics will not be that effective. 

Benefits of HTTPS:-

  • Better user experience
  • Security of user information
  • AMP implementation
  • PPC campaign effectiveness
  1. Internal linkings:-

Internal linkings are done by us, and we can make it more proper navigation so that user should spend his/her most of the time on our site. This thing can really boost our rankings.

Internal Links

A very complex website with a huge number of pages, with proper navigation it can be very easy to access any page in a few clicks.

Pages that are not linked are harder for the search engine to crawl those pages.

Internal linking works when we use keywords within the content and link them with the other relevant piece of content on your page.

Internal links play an important role in making a proper structure.

  1. Keywords and content:-

Keywords and content are king in the world of SEO and optimization.

You can structure the whole website with the keywords and the content and make it good in rankings.

Ensure that before making content you must do your proper keyword research,  competitor analysis, and target audience.

To rank on Google you need to be unique and most relevant in content and should produce the best user experience with your content.

  1. User experience:-

User experience and navigation are the same because proper navigation makes it very easy for a user to use your website and get what he/she needed.

If a visitor experienced bad structure and didn’t get what he/she is searching for, then they will never come to your site back.

This thing Google will notice and can decrease your rankings.

In today’s world, everyone is very time-dependent and doesn’t want to waste their time on where they are not getting what they want.

Click-trough rate, time spent, and bounce rate are signals where Google decides your rankings.

To fix these issues Run some tests with unbiased visitors and tell truth to yourself about your site and fix those issues and make a better user experience for your visitors.

  1. Core Web Vitals:-

Core Web Vitals are now very essential for rankings in the present day. 

Now Google indexes some phrases and most relevant content except for the whole page in a recent study.

If you had done your optimizations based on this update then you must optimize your site according to the core Web Vitals.

  1. Mobile friendly:-

Many websites make their interface only for the desktop version, but now Google is ranking those websites which are mobile friendly and fully optimized for mobile

Your website must be well structured for mobile also.

E-commerce websites must need to make their websites mobile-friendly and optimized because the majority of their audience is now using mobiles and Google is also focusing on mobiles so, to rank better you must follow these things.


For well ranking on the SERP you must structure your site in a hierarchical format.

Make sure your website is well structured and well readable for robots. These things can make your rankings higher.

Make most of the changes in the initial stage not after the build because the initial stage you want to grow and give a better experience to the user.

Thank you!


Pranjal Parihar

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