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7 Advance SEO Techniques That Will Really Work In 2020

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Don’t need to get more frustrated here I will solve all issues regarding SEO for you.

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Many times, when we update the website according to Google SEO algorithms 2020, we cannot see any more improvement for our website. The Reason behind this is we optimized the website according to SEO but we did not used high level optimization SEO Techniques that now Google, Bing, Yahoo is looking for

Here In this I will show some really important SEO Techniques how we can increase our website online visibility and traffic that will really help you to increase more conversion for your online business.

  1. Don’t Write Duplicate Content more

After knowing the Google Duplicacy update we all are still using duplicate content on our website that really make our site more down because many small or big companies hire freelancer or web design agency to write content or keep self-content writer but we don’t check they are actually write all these content by their own or they are taking from some other website, using paradigms tools for generating content at all.

So we all need to focus on not to create duplicate content for our website. This is most important factor in Off-Page SEO.

2. Try to write In-Depth Content

In-Depth Content means making the content attractive and easily readable so visitor get directly convert to our customer. Many online businesses don’t use this technique even if they are not using duplicate content for their website but the content more easily understandable is more helpful for our website.

a) Don’t ever try to use keyword stuffing to rank your web site on top of the page

Many times, what we do for rank our website on top the page, we use our focus keyword in every sentence, every paragraph or even in every heading of the website. This decrease more website visibility.

We know to rank our website on Google we have to use focus keyword in our content but not more than 2-5 times instead of using keyword stuffing we can keyword prominence techniques means we can some relevant keyword in our website.

b). Focus on these 2 Important SEO Factor

  • Dwell Time: – Dwell Time is generally length of time any visitor spending on a webpage after clicking the search engine result page (SERP’s).

So, what you need to do increase dwell time for your website is to write what user is searching for and what they are looking for any product or service.

  • CTR (Click-Through-Rate): –    Before discuss CTR we need to know this high Click-Through-Rate = high traffic on your website

Click-Through-Rate is just number of percentages any visitor clicking on your result from search engine result page (SERP’s).

It can be increased by result that are showing on SERP list title tag, meta description, rich snippets, URL.


3. Page Speed Optimization

Page speed is in how long a website to taking to load after any searcher clicking on your website. And a research just reveals that any website that is taking more than 2-3 second to load losing its conversion up to 40%.

So, make sure that your website is completely optimized according to Google page speed insight tool, GTmetrix etc.

First measure all complete optimization that are missing on your website using the tool I have mentioned you can use anyone from this or you can also use some other tool as well.

  1. Giftofspeed
  2. Pingdom
  3. Dot-com tool

These are some important page speed optimization techniques to need to follow to optimize the website: – 

Try to Minimize HTTP Request it should be less than 50 if possible.

Reduce Server Response Time: – Using CDN (Content Delivery Network) we can reduce our server response time so make sure that CDN is activated or not.

Enable browser: – Try to delete cache on time when any visitors come to our website 2nd time then they cannot see updated element on website if you updated your website.

Optimize Images: – All should be optimized on your website. Generally, we use large image on our website so make sure before uploading any image we have to optimize it so that they can easily appear on webpage when loading.

Optimize CSS Delivery: – Try to remove all unnecessary CSS from all your webpage.

Prioritize Above-The-Fold Content keep your script below the fold

Reduce Redirects: – Don’t use too many 301 redirection that can harm your website seriously or it can be harmful for SEO as well.

4. Increase your brand awareness by using Info-graphics

Recent years, Google Trends increasing interest in “Infographics” and it is clear indicating how online visitor giving importance to our website content.

And Infographics is best practices to create valuable backlinks for your website. Using this technique, you can create large number of backlinks for your online business.

Adding Images and its visual element to your website content will surely help you to enhance your brand awareness and visibility.

Content With visual element (like infographics) can increase 95% of views.

So, make sure you are using Infographics for your website.

5. Backlinks from High Domain Authority

Many of us still spammy and backlinks generation tool to generate backlinks for their website and this technique is now no longer Google is considering at all.

A link that is coming from high domain authority site who is related to your product and service will be more helpful for your website even if you are using 100s of spammy backlinks.

To use this Technique, find all your relevant online business on web and contact them with a script to get a Do-Follow link.

Trust me this technique will get more visitor for your online business I know its very tough to do but out of hundred 60% will definitely reach out to you.

6. Site should be SSL Secured

Make sure your website is completely SSL secured having an SSL on website will be more helpful to increase website traffic and the probability to get your website hacked will be very less.

So, your website must have SSL security.

I have seen many businesses still not aware of it what is SSL and how they can go for it?

Don’t get more frustrated you can contact your hosting service provider and ask them to give you website SSL security for your online business.

7. Image Optimization Make your website Faster

Uploading images is not wrong, having tons of images who are not optimized can also lead to decrease your website traffic and that is really not great for SEO.

So before uploading any image on your website make sure you have optimized it because it will help really help you in page load speed.

When visitor come to our site and sometimes, we see images we have uploaded on website is not appearing at all they are taking time to time appear because they have large image size so before uploading any image on your website make sure you have applied all image compression techniques on them.

Thank you, that’s it

Ready to apply all these techniques on your website to increase website SEO score and traffic.

So, Comment below which SEO techniques you are going to apply on your website.

Let me know if you find issue while applying these SEO Techniques


Mohit Dadhich

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