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Strategies That Must Need to Know About Content Marketing In 2020

In this blog we will learn about Content Marketing and how you can use these different strategies for your business.

Let’s Start

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately to drive profitable custom action.

Basically, Content Marketing is used to

Grow Sales

Cost Savings

Custom Loyalty

Upsell & Cross Sell

Let’s discuss about content goals

Brand Awareness

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Customer Conversion

Customer Service



Passionate Subscribers

Different Content Marketing Strategies that You Must Use

  1. Blogging

I am going to talk about a platform called buffer, it is basically a social media publishing or scheduling platform also you can use it for managing your social media interactions with your audience.

Buffer basically used blogging as a primary content marketing tool.

Let’s go to buffer platform and also visit their blog.

Blogging is most effective content marketing strategies as we all know this.

Buffer use content which is helpful for people who manage social media and also for people who are going to make decision about social media presence or social media strategies.

This is the way buffer use primarily blogging base to share blogging content with targeted audience.


2. Social Media Content Marketing

Let’s start with an example Mercedes-Benz, US

Average age of their buyer was 50+ 

They started to build a GLA Campaign 2015 In US, this was about Mercedes GLA launch so before the GLA launch they started researching and they came up with the idea people who actually built the car on website or custom build their car added high chance of filling the form for call request.

What they did they build a campaign “build a GLA Campaign” on Instagram because the high-income millennials audience they’re on social media especially Instagram.

Impact was using this campaign

1000+ GLA Builds

20000 New Followers

100000 Instagram Likes

Brand Interest Rise in Target Audience


3. True and Tried Content Marketing Strategies

In this case we will talk about John Deere who is one of the largest form equipment manufactures in USA.

So, they started one of the oldest content marketing with their magazine called “The Furrow”. It started in 1895 publish Quarterly and delivered by US Post.

What Basically they did is they talked about farmers problems and solution for them it was not a magazine it was “Farmer Journal”.

It focused completely on agriculture and farmers activity day to day related to agriculture.

So, by this way they were able to stand their position in market considering their competitors did not have any such outreach, engagement or connect with direct end users.

In this case they did not talked only their product they were able to highlights farmers problem and solutions to overcame the same.

If you look at their reach, they had about 4 Million Consumers in 1912 + 2 Million Globally.

One of important point is “The Furrow” doesn’t use social media presence so, furrow is directly connected with farmers via website or printed magazines.

This way they were able to connect directly with their end consumers.

5. Visual Content Marketing Strategies

In this we will talk about brand “Rolex”.

Their Challenges in this case was to integrate Digital into Classic Marketing so, they did not want to disturb the existing marketing, communication or setup digital into it.

So, one of the interesting challenges for Rolex was they did not want to go to consumers that is mass. but they wanted to maintain Elitism.

What they did they used Instagram with High Quality Visuals Thrice in a week.

This actually took of very well for them and they got 9.7 Million Followers also every post reached about 10000-100000 likes.

You can look at high quality visuals they used


5. Video Marketing

In this strategy we will use Hootsuite, it is again a social media managing platform publish and schedule social media post.

Hootsuite came up with a unique campaign which is “A Game of Social Thrones” this was targeted towards Game of Thrones fans. This was completely in-house production. It was aligned with GOT 4th Season kickoff.

So, the video which was produced and positioned towards GOT fans, it was actually subset of users who used Hootsuite and going to use Hootsuite.  

It was covered without paid media, Time, Mashable, fast company, Adage & others.

There were 1 Million + views and 60k Times shares of that video. So, it is kind of viral content for them.

6. E-books & Resources

Let’s look at LinkedIn for understand for better about this strategy

So, what if someone told you how they marketed using their platform.

Wouldn’t it be exciting and wonderful? this is the same case with LinkedIn

LinkedIn actually gives out secret sauce and tells you how they marketed themselves using their own platform.

It has marketing tips as well as backed with stats.

If you go and look at secret sauce landing page which I will take you through if you look at there are states and marketing tips so, you can understand how they used their own platform for market themselves.

You can also download the E-book here and there will be continues emailer to opt-in for.

7. Other Content Marketing Strategy

We will talk Coca-Cola in this strategy

Coca-Cola wanted to engage consumers among themselves instead of using brand ambassador or ads.

So, they came up with campaign called “share a coke” this was started in Australia and initially they printed 150 common names on bottles and ask them share on social media platforms.

This is how the campaign rolled out and it became very big hit. People started buying bottles with their personalized name.

There were 250 Million+ Bottles sold in that summer. So, it was an huge successful campaign for Coca-Cola and next level they rolled out to other countries.

This was interesting campaign run by Coca-Cola.


So this is how you learnt Content Marketing Strategies and fair idea how you can come up with your own strategy.

It’s time for you to do the same and attract your consumer attention.

If you face any issue please get in touch with me here or by leaving a comment below

Thank You


Mohit Dadhich

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