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SEO for DuckDuckGo search engine: A Complete Guide[2020]


Hello there!

SEO for Google is most common in the digital world, All of them are talking about only Google But today I will talk about other best alternative of Google- DuckDuckGo, best known for privacy.

Only focusing on Google is a huge mistake that a marketer is doing because you can get the most quality leads from other search engines also.

SEO for DuckDuckGO and Google are different because the search engine algorithms are different.

In the future, Duckduckgo will be the best marketplace for marketers because it will be used by many of the new users for privacy reasons.

Let’s Dive into some important Questions you are thinking:-

Is DuckDuckGo worth your efforts?

Yes, it definitely worth it Because it has a very low bounce rate, it’s users spend 9 and half minutes on a page. It is way better than the Bing search.

This time shows us that it can provide very high-value searchers.

Its market share is 1.67%, it less than Google But it is most valuable than other search engines like Bing and yahoo.

It has more than 56 million searches in a day, this is a huge amount to target, so not rely on a single search like Google.

Your business can be at risk If you only focus on one search engine because in Google many times when the algorithm changes the rank of the site decreases and that can affect your sales so to prevent that you must have your audience on other platforms also and recommend you to go for DuckDuckGo.

What is the DuckDuckGO Search engine?

In today’s world Google uses our search history and our browser cookies to show us ads and help marketers to target a perfect audience.

But the main concern of the people is what about their privacy? Many people don’t want to share their search history with anybody.

In the coming time, many users are shifting from Google to DuckDuckGo because of their privacy reasons.

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine that does not track you or your social media, and also not store your search history and uses it for ads.


Its most beneficial thing is that it also blocks other trackers to track you like Google.

You can use the DuckDuckGo extension in your chrome also and use it for your privacy search.

As their privacy policy they do not track you nor store your personal information and provide it to any advertiser.

DuckDuckGo vs Google Search Engine

The major difference between them is Google uses your search history and IP address on the other side DuckDuckgo not track any of your information.

Other some differences are: –

  • Search engine ads: – Google uses your search history to show you the most relevant ad but the DuckDuckgo uses your current search you are searching.
  • User experience: – In this, they are like similar because they both pull up websites, images, maps, and videos result when you search.
  • Search results: – both pull the result from various players, google is best in this because it uses search history, on the other hand, DuckDuckgo is lacking on some stages but shows you the most valuable searches.

DuckDuckgo is great because it uses your current searches to show you results and provide you the best results of your query.

Does Google incognito mode and DuckDuckGO is the same?

No, they are not same at all.

Google only clears your search history but after that also you can be tracked even tough google also track you when you are in incognito mode.


Its disclaimer, itself tells you that your ISP is visible and your school or office work is visible and from that, anyone can track you easily.

But in DuckDuckGO Does not track any of the search results and search data that’s its beauty.

Now just dive into SEO FOR DUCKDUCKGO: –

DuckDuckGo search engine uses 400 sources to provide you the most relevant result for your search.

It uses many crowd-sourced sites, traditional sites, and its own web crawler to present you best results.

For SEO in DuckDuckGo, you must follow Good SEO techniques to rank great. Quality content, intentional sourcing, and a great website are things that will always make a difference (source).


Website should have great user experience: –

DuckDuckGo gives the best results to the searchers so that to rank on this we need to really focus on high-quality content and speed of our website.

Here are some tips to make a good user experience on DuckDuckGo: –

  • Easy navigation for your visitors.
  • Avoid too many popups or other features that can frustrate visitors.
  • Use bullets, tables, and visuals to make content easy to read.

Good user experience can make your site unique and ahead in rankings.

Focus on High-quality link buildings: –

High-quality backlinks always help you to rank higher on any platform. Please build high-quality links by white hat method that can make you progress, by other black hat ways that can harm your rankings.

When you had backlinks, you are ahead of those how do not have any of backlinks. This can increase your rankings.

See this help page by DuckDuckGo where it clearly mentioned that building high-quality links can make you higher in rankings.


Just focus on links and you will see the results automatically.

Choose the right keywords with care: –

Do proper keyword research for making content because not using proper keywords can make your efforts worthless.

Please don’t just stuff keywords in your content, use keywords with proper meaning and their genuine use.

Make your content more precise and more relevant to your targeted keyword. That can really boost your traffic.

Make your location clear for visitors: –

DuckDuckGO does not track where the users are like other search engines do, that’s why we need to focus on our location for local searches.

You need to use hyperlocal keywords to target a local audience because DuckDuckGo does not provide exact results according to these type of search queries like “restaurants near me” for these types of results you need to mention specific location name like “restaurants in Kitchener” that will give you exact results.

Only local keywords and proper use of them can help you to target specific locations.

Some more important points: –

DuckDuckGo uses over 400 other sources for its search results. So, to make your site rank higher you need to make your site fully optimized.

The main point is that you need not submit your site to DuckDuckGO, it automatically finds sites and indexes them. You need to give the URL to DuckDuckGo to get indexed as we do in other search engines like google and yahoo.

To get indexed in DuckDuckGo we need to be visible everywhere on the internet. You need to have content relevant sites like Ask Different, Urban Dictionary, and Word of the Day if you want to rank well on DuckDuckGo.


The best advice as a marketer I can give you is that don’t rely on one stream of traffic just make it multiple streams.

Because if someday one stream stops because of some issue you can fight with that cannot affect you more.

In the future, surely DuckDuckgo will grow and you had to work on it, so it is better to start working from now so that you can become strong in the future.

Please tell me in the comments that are you focusing on other search engines or not.

Thank you!


Pranjal Parihar

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