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Advertising is significant for every business because advertising directly brings in more and more customers to the business, increasing the business turnaround, profitability, goodwill, etc.

The best part is that a proper demonstration of the products and services, to be sold, could be demonstrated; instead of moving from one place to another for the cause. In case the marketer or manufacturer of goods and services wants to communicate something to the end customers or potential customers, they can do so by advertising.

Facebook Ads Campaigns

Before doing any advertisement on Facebook, it is very important to know how to use the means of Facebook Ads to generate leads or potential customers and also end customers for your business.

So, to say, paid advertising on Facebook could make your content reach your existing customers or potential customers directly. 

I will share with you almost all the things you need to know about Facebook ads.

Facebook Campaigns are the primary basis for the ads of yours. You have to choose your objective at the campaigning level. Objective means the due course of action, which you wish your potential customers or existing customers would take as soon as they have a glimpse of your ads.

Several Ad sets are contained in a Facebook campaign, and the objective of the same is unique. It has a unique audience group targeting, bidding, budgeting, placement, and bidding.

How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

Step 1. For the Facebook Ads, which you have posted, some goals need to be set: Before directly jumping and creating your ads, it required that you should think about certain things, like the reason for your ads and also your true aim, what you want to achieve.

To help you to set goals, I am laying down some examples here-

  • To increase the people’s presence on the various events of mine.
  • To increase the traffic for accessing my website, particularly from Facebook.
  • Generation of new leads.
  • To increase the number of access to my Facebook ads.
  • To boost the engagement of the people to your page.


Step 2. Facebook Ads Manager to be contacted: Facebook Ad Managers are responsible for running the respective ads’ ads. And the Ad Managers could easily be accessed via a direct link. Another process is that- from the drop-down menu in your respective Facebook account and the other process, any of the CTAs can be clicked, which is on your respective Facebook page.

Step 3. Set your schedule and BudgetAlso, at the time of posting your ad on your Facebook account, a schedule followed with the pricing should be set.

Step 4. Then you can go for the posting of your ad via the option given on the page.

So, everything until now, it is clear that modern advertising by different business entities takes advantage of the medium of Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads was formerly known as Google Ad words. Before July 24, 2018, the name was Google Ad words. It is also the same as in Facebook that the advertisers have to pay something for their ads to get displayed.

How to Set Up a Google Ad Campaign

 Step 1: Choose Objectives and Type of Campaign: Unlike Facebook Ads Campaign. Google Ads Campaigns are the primary basis for the ads of yours.

You have to choose your objective at the campaign level and type of campaign you are to going to create. There are 6 major types of campaigns you can create using Google Ads.


 Steps 2: Set the Budget and Bid Strategy: After selecting our campaign objective You need to set a Campaign budget and Bid Strategy (How likely you want to be charged).

Steps 3: Add Keywords: Next step is to choose keywords and make ads for your Google Campaigns.

Steps 4: Run the Google Campaigns: Once Campaigns are ready with keywords and ads, then active the ads by running Campaigns.

Google Ads are a powerful form of advertisement, which can be used for targeting your potential or existing customers.

Is posting ads with the Google ads flexible

Yes, posting with Google ads is flexible and competitive pricing also exists. Flexible in terms of changing the subscription type, modification, etc.

Now, coming to the main topic, Google Ads vs Facebook which one is better for advertising! With Facebook, you can advertise any product or service based on customer interest where Google shows ads to those who are searching for a product or service.

I wouldn’t say Facebook Ads are better or Google Ads Are Better. Both are Good In their own ways; you can generate thousands of leads from Both (Google Ads or Facebook Ads) for your business every day.

Instead of going for comparing both these ad sites, rather, we shall ask the question that:

1. Which is quite budgetary?

2. Which one is the better fit according to the product landscape within which I fall!

3. What categories of customer, I am targeting too!

Pre-requisites in posting your ad in Google ads

The pre-requisites are the same as to be undergone as in case of Facebook ads like setting up of goals, accessing ad manager, Most importantly, pay per click is an advertising model present in Google Ads, where the advertiser has to pay a certain amount of money for each click over their ad in Google account.


So, it is mostly required to set your goals before doing any advertisement either on Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Both Google ads and Facebook ads have their own value for improving the business conversion.

I hope now you have cleared everything with how you can use both platforms for advertising.

Let me know in comment section which one you are using currently for your business?



Mohit Dadhich

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