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Google Alerts: Ultimate Guide for Building Links 2020



If you are expertise in link building, you know to rank any website on search engines it plays major role.

Nowadays everyone is facing many difficulties to building links as we all know it is very time consuming and finding high quality links for our website is quite tough task.

In this blog I am revealing a strategy how you can use Google Alerts for building high quality links.

Let’s get started quickly

In 2020, we all know Google is the most often used search engine in the world, and according to stats they have hundreds of billions of web pages and is over 100,000,000 gigabytes in size.

Using this huge size, to crawl any web page on search engine is easy for Google than any other SEO tools on web.

This is why we need to use Google Alerts for our website to build some quality links.

What are Google Alerts?

As we discussed above, we can use this huge database of web pages for building links. And that’s what Google Alerts do, it helps us to create notifications on any subject or keyword, terms.

So, it is easy to find any web pages when they talk about any topic or keyword suggested by you using Google Alerts.

How You Can Use Google Alerts?

As you have seen many times when an editor publishes your website name, product, or any of your focus keywords on their website without giving a link to your website. In SEO terms, it is known as “fresh mention” opportunities.

It will take very less time for you to find available link building opportunities where you will not need to explain anything about your brand to other site editor. You just need to get a link from them.

Now the question will arise in your mind, how will you find these “Fresh Opportunities” Your Website.

Let me tell you step by step

Before proceeding further, I will need you to quickly setup Google Alerts if you don’t have one.

How to Setup Google Alerts?

First you need to go there (make sure you signed up successfully)

You will see screen below


Now you need to type your website URL without www or https.

In my case, I will use: wizseoservice.com


You will be able to alerts, if you have new website then you will not see any alert preview.

Further You need to click on “show options” under the search bar.


Now all your settings should be match by above screen.

How Often – At most once a day

Sources – You should select web, blog (2 options only)

Language – You can use any of your targeting language in my case I am using English.

Region – Any Region or may be your targeted country

How many – All results

Deliver to – Your Email Address

And last click on “Create Alert”

Every day you will receive email with all list of blogs or web pages that mentions your brand name.

Further, you need to repeat the process to create as many alerts as you can for your domain, brand name, products, industry terms, etc.

Here you can see how I created.


You will also see I used quotation mark on two-word phrases.

For example, you don’t need create an alert for online marketing.

But you need to create an alert for “online marketing “

See the results below when I create an alert for without quotation.


Now see results with quotation.


How to Build Links using these alerts?

Once you have setup alerts, next step would be getting the links.

Note: When you will start receiving alerts there would be less than 50% chance, they are linking to you, so not every alert would be an opportunity for you to building links.

You need to contact those alerts who are linking back to your website and for this, you need to use a different script to reach out to them.

For example: if someone using your domain name but is not linking to you so you need to send the following email to the editor.

So, there are alerts you will receive with your industry terms, brand name and many more.

You just need to contact them who are linking back to you.

You can use the above script which is mentioned by Neil Patel.

How do you Reach Out to webmasters?

You know what kind of script you need to send depending upon the alerts.

Now you need to reach out to webmasters but the question is “how will you find their contact details “.

You can directly go to their contact us page to get their emails.

If you don’t see any contact details of webmaster there is a tool called “Hunter” will help you find to list of people you can get in touch.


You just need to type their brand name and you will see all contact details that you can reach very easy.


That’s all, I hope you understood how Google Alerts can help you to build high quality links for your website.

This strategy will save also your lot of time.

And if you also want to know other SEO Strategies to Build High-Quality links from high DA sites. Then this guide will also help you.

Thank You


Mohit Dadhich

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