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The Ultimate Guide to Creating High Converting Landing Pages


According to some web stats, you can generate millions with a single landing page, a right call-to-action and few emails.

 In this blog, we are going to cover everything about landing pages and how you can create a high converting landing page that will increase your revenue.

Let’s start

What is a Landing Page?

According to Backlinko “A landing page is a web page where users directly land after clicking on a link in a Facebook Ads, Blogs, Google Ads, email newsletter and any other traffic source to get conversions.”

Yes, you need to provide a positive user experience to your users with a landing page that you created to get the highest conversions.

While creating a landing page, you have to define your purpose for creating whether it is for selling products or software, capturing emails, organizing free webinar or conference… it could be anything but the purpose needs to be defined and used on the right call-to-action below you can see an example of Active Campaign.


Why you need a high-converting landing page?

According to Taboola, more than 48% of marketers create a new landing page for every new campaign.

We create landing pages with a specific reason means you create a landing page to achieve a particular goal of your business, it could be generating more sales, increase your email subscribers or building your brand, etc.

Now look at some benefits to increase conversions using landing page for your advertising campaigns.

  1. Eye-Catchy First Impression –

According to Conversion XL,


User will not stay longer on your website so make your first impressions count and landing pages can help you to get your user’s first impression, so they can walk through it and convert from visitors to customers.

2. Use High-Quality Visuals –

Using high-quality visuals on landing page can really attract your visitors and explain them to take appropriate actions.

That’s why, 40% of user respond more better to visual information than to text, it really makes a positive user experience.

3. Higher Conversion Rate –

Getting leads from a high converting landing page is easier than any blog or site because we only have a one goal to use a landing page to get higher leads.

You many have seen some landing even don’t have navigation elements, it helps use to reduce their distractions. You can see below example:


Now if you are looking to creating a high-converting landing to achieve your business goals then here are several options: –

  1. Text-only Landing Page:

You may have seen most of the digital marketers use text for their landing pages, which means they don’t use videos or any high-quality visuals. The main benefit of using a text-only landing page is the load time for a positive user experience.

See the example below:


2. Video Landing Page:

According to HubSpot – 92% marketers make videos with asset they already to promote their product or service.

Here is a video landing page from Conversion-rate-experts, it’s clearly designed to get more user registration for their website strategy.


The Benefits of using videos to promote your product or service:

Let’s go through some key elements that you need to keep in mind while creating landing page:

  1. Eye-Catchy Headline –

Using an Attractive Headline that clearly defines your product or service can really gain more interest of your targeted audience and never make it more than 20 words.


2. Sub-Heading –

The next step is you need to create a high-converting landing page is a sub-heading. Use sub-headings every time to give more importance to your main heading.

3. Use High-Quality Visuals –

You also need to focus on visuals like your headshot, a photo or video. Using high quality visual really helps you to get more conversion than text.

4. Add Customer Reviews –

If you have any real customer testimonials then add it to your landing page, this will really boost your conversion 2X.

See the example below:


5. Add Benefits –

To get more conversions and force customers to take appropriate action, you need to highlight as many benefits of your product/services on your landing page.

6. Call-To-Actions –

In order to get more conversions and email subscribers, you need to add the right call-to-action in the right place. As we know, Colorful CTA (call-to-action) really grabs users’ attention.



As always, I recommend using different landing page designs and CTA to check which one works best for your targeted audience.

Are you using landing pages to promote your products/services?


Mohit Dadhich

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