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Off-Page SEO

How to Build Quality Backlinks from High DA Sites?


What Is Off-Page SEO and How to Build Quality Backlinks?

Do you want to know how you to build quality backlinks to increase more traffic to your website?

If Yes, then today I will show you how to build links from high DA and PA Sites.

So, let’s start

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO refers to all the measures that can be taken outside the website to improve its ranking on search engine result page.

Basically, this involves building links to your website.

Now What is Backlink?

A Backlink is an incoming link to your website.

It is a ranking factor in Google Search Results.

Think of Backlink like a vote to a website. More quality of votes a website has, better the chance of website ranking on Google.

Good Backlinks Vs Bad Backlinks

Real Life Example

Let’s say you are planning to buy a car (BMW).

Your 2 best friends already have this car. They recommend (vote) this car for you.

When you travel in a bus, you ask 5 random people about this car. They don’t recommend it.

Would you still buy this car?

Of course, you will buy this car because 2 of your best friends recommended this car it doesn’t matter if other people don’t recommend it.

This is a same concept that search engines follow so even if you get 10 bad backlinks and 2 good backlinks Google will only consider 2 good backlinks.

So, Quantity is not matter here Quality is the matter.

There are certain sites that Google Trust. Links from such sites will be much more effective.

Some sites Google trust: Wikipedia, Popular News Sites, Review Sites

Bad Links are those Link shared from fake social media accounts.

There are 2 kind backlinks

  1. Do Follow Link: – It passes link juice. Google will consider a do follow link from website A to Website B as a vote a vote by website A to website B. This will help in ranking higher on search engines.
  2. No Follow Link: – It doesn’t pass link juice or does not help in Search Engines Ranking.

Example: –

<a href= “signin.php” rel=”nofollow”>sign in</a>

Example of No Follow Links: Blog Comments, Paid Links

Plugin to Check If a link is Do Follow or No Follow

If you are using Firefox browser this use this No Follow Plugin

Firefox No Follow Plugin

How to create quality Backlink

Anatomy of a backlink

<a href=https://yourwebsite.com/>your website title</a>

It is recommended to create a Gmail Account just for the purpose of link building.

There are also sites to create email in one step like byon.de

Strategy 1: – How can you build links from Social Bookmarking Sites?

Go to Folkd.com >> Then register yourself using your Gmail account

After registering yourself on Folkd.com you will find a menu add a link on homepage

Click on Add A Link >> add your website title and description there

Then paste your website link there and submit

After submitting your link, you will see you have backlink from Folkd.com to your website.

Using This Way, you can create Link from Social Bookmarking Sites.

I suggest you after reading this blog I am mentioning some other bookmarking sites you should try





Strategy 2: – Building link on Directory Submission Sites

It is very easiest way to build backlinks from High PR and DA Site. Directory Submission sites means listing of various business.

Let me show you an example of directory submission

Visit this URL prolinkdirectory.com

Click on submit link menu and type your business details in that form then click on submit

After submitting you will see the following message “your link is submitted and pending for review”.

So, after approval you will have a link of your website from prolinkdirectory.com

I suggest you should practice this site for your website


Also, you can this material for your website

Free Top Directory Submission Site 2020

Strategy 3: – How to Build Image Links?

In this strategy you will learn how you can learn backlinks from image submission sites.

To get links from image submission site what you need to do is submit images to those sites and somewhere in the description you can use link to your website.

So, go to imgur.com

Click on New Post then upload images that are related to your business and upload there.

If you don’t have images then there are some other sites where tons of images available for free.

Like pixabay, Shutterstock etc.

Before Going to next strategy, I want you to go on Flickr.com and do a image submission

Or You can also use this free material for image submission

Top 25 image submission sites 2020

Strategy 4: – How to Build Q&A Links?

In this strategy you will learn how to build links from Question and Answer Sites.

There are lots of Q&A Sites you can use like



Let me show you one example

You are targeting your website on highly competitive keyword like “Top SEO Company” and if someone asked a question on these sites like “top 20 SEO Company” and what these sites do rank answer in top of the search engine and that will really feel a lot to us.

Make sure you are giving similar answer to what question asked otherwise these sites will have authority to remove your answer as well.

So, using all these Backlink Strategies you can build quality backlinks for your website.

So which strategy you are going to apply today image submission and social bookmarking submission?

Let me know by leaving a comment below and if you face any issue you can contact me here

Thank You


Mohit Dadhich

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