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How To Develop A Perfect PPC Strategy in 2021

How To Develop A Perfect PPC Strategy in 2021

In today’s blog, we will discuss about the most common and best PPC goals to accomplish and make the strategy.

In ads, if you want to grow and accomplish your goals, you need to make a PPC Strategy and optimize with the time.

You need to set proper goals for your campaigns and need to be very specific with them.

The most common PPC goals include:-

  • Brand awareness
  • Product and brand consideration
  • Leads
  • Sales 
  • Repeat sales

The basic sales funnel includes:- awareness, consideration, and purchase.

Sales Funnel

And the above five points align with this basic sales funnel.

As an advertiser, you should examine your ads properly and customize them accordingly to your sales funnel.

Let’s dig deep into PPC Goal’s:-

Brand Awareness:-

PPC is often used as awareness and spread visibility to a brand or product, which introduces them to the market and audience.

At this phase, we want to maximize more exposure and in return, we want clicks and leads to purchase.

For brand awareness the best option for advertisers is to use display ads, they will cost low and can be brought great awareness to a huge audience.

And social media PPC ads are also a great option for branding and awareness since they have to get targeting options with demographics and interests.

Similarly, search ads are also a good option and they have the highest CPC ratio than display ads which assure us about our leads and awareness.

But in search ads, you need to be very careful about keywords and search volume.

The best keyword way to execute this goal is by approaching with smart keyword match types and negative keywords.

Product and Brand Consideration:-

In this stage, we target those people who have an interest or they are considering a product. In this stage, people are more specific with their needs and what they want.

So at this time, we need to target these people with remarketing with banners or responsive ads to bring back the customer who visited us earlier.

Another excellent form of targeting is the in-market list composed of users whose online behavior and action have indicated they are in the market to buy.


This is best when you have your offline business or don’t have an immediate purchase option for them.

This goal is only to follow up with interested prospects and engage them in conversation.

Some examples of call-to-action:-

  • Request a demo
  • Sign up now!
  • Free trial

All these efforts are only to start a conversation with consumers and make him/her buy our product.

Leads are very important for any company because they target an audience more specifically by making a persona using those leads and target those specific consumers.

You can use that data and use it anywhere you want to grow.


Consumer who tends to buy something are very specific with their needs and what they want so, their search queries are very specific.

Their search queries may contain these keywords:-

  • Buy
  • Shop
  • Discount
  • Coupons
  • Model number
  • Shipping information

It will be good for you if you make a separate campaign for your needs.

Make full use of ad copy and ad extensions.

Also, I suggest you use remarketing for more profit and sales. Because this will target the most beneficial audience where you have to build the awareness.

Remember not to target those people who already purchased your product. 

To do this, set up a “purchase” campaign and exclude that from the campaign.

Repeat Sales:-

PPC is an excellent way to repeat your customers and repeat your sales. If your product contains maintenance, service upgrades, etc then you can target them and repeat your sales again and again and build trust with your customers.

In designing the repeat sales approach, ask a few questions:-

  • How long product will last or need to be replaced.
  • Is there a new or improved model coming out?
  • Does the consumer buy multiples?
  • Are their opportunity to sell cross-products.
  • What would motivate the consumer to re-purchase from you? Brand loyalty? Fast Shipping?

Use PPC remarketing and customer match to re-engage your previous customers by any means to motivate them to buy again from you.

For providing motivation, you should use coupons and discounts.


A solid PPC and paid social account should include a solid sales funnel and perfect goal design to achieve success.

For making perfect strategy you must be very specific with your needs, keywords, and landing pages.

After launching the campaigns you must review the results and optimize them according to results.

Thank you!


Pranjal Parihar

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