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8 effective SEO tactics to rank WordPress Website

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In this blog you will get best SEO tactics to rank any WordPress website on Google, Bing etc.

So, let’s start with step by step

First, I will tell how you can implement On-Page SEO tactics on any WordPress website

If you have new website and don’t know how to index new website on different search engine so no need worries here, I will tell everything that you want to know.

  1. Install SEO Plugin

For any WordPress website we have plugins that we can use to rank our website on Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. so what you need to do is that go to WordPress dashboard >> Plugins >> add new (if not) >> install Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast plugin is best SEO plugin for any WordPress website to do WordPress SEO. There are also some other SEO plugins to do WordPress SEO but Yoast gives us more flexibility to understand and implement SEO tactics.

  1. All in one SEO pack
  2. SEOPress

 After installing Yoast SEO plugin you need to setup the plugin so go dashboard and on dashboard you will find Yoast SEO menu in your menu list.

If your website is old then you can quickly jump on next WordPress SEO tactics

If you have new website and you have not verified Google search console, Google Analytics then you also need to setup your website on both tools so you can easily track your sites data and discover more keywords on which you can rank for.

For Google Search Console

Verify your website DNS verification method it will be better if you verifying search console first time.

Here some important information you need to take care while doing setup on Google search console and Google Analytics.

Make sure your website has SSL secured if not then contact your hosting service provider to enable SSL.

Submit your website sitemap if you have created the sitemap.xml for your website then submit the link I have shown below into the sitemap menu in search console so Google can fetch your website data to rank.


For Google Analytics

Just setup first everything then go to analytics dashboard >> admin >> tracking info >> tracking code you can see there for your website.

Keep that tracking code into your website head section ( header.php ) and verify it successfully

After successfully verified you will see on dashboard you can easily track your visitor who are coming on your website it gives us real time tracking feature so make sure you did this correctly.

  1. Set Proper Knowledge Graph and Schema.org

This is very important step to implement schema for your website so go to dashboard >> SEO >> search appearance

In search appearance you will find Knowledge Graph and Schema.org

Choose your organization type

Name your organization

Upload a beautiful logo for your website

No need to use all information in schema.org because other all information Yoast SEO takes automatically like email, phone no etc.

  1. Set your social profile URL

The next step is providing all your organization social media platforms URL to show our online presence to search engine result page (SERP’s).

If you don’t have social media accounts then you need to setup your business on all social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

It is great having strong social media profiles.

  1. Submit Robots.txt if not submitted

Many of us still did not submitted after installing Yoast SEO plugin how to submit robots.txt even if they have old website.

So, make sure you have submitted robots.txt file in root directory of your files.

Here you can find another best way to submit: –

Go to dashboard >> SEO >> Tools >> File Editor you will see an option to submit robots.txt

Submit your robots.txt file successfully so Google can easily which data of your website has not need to index on Google.

It is necessary to having robots.txt file.

  1. Keyword Research

So, let’s start to optimize the website according to Google, Bing and Yahoo algorithm.

Let me tell your one thing before optimizing proper keywords on which you want your website to be ranked for so make sure you have proper list of keywords for all of your website web pages.

If you did not research well for keyword then you can use the tools I mentioned below: –

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Google itself
  1. Title Tag, Meta robots tag, Meta Description, heading tag, Meta Tag Optimization

Use Proper Title tag

Here is syntax you can see how you can optimize your website pages title tag. Make sure it should not increase the length of 50-60 character.

<title> Your Title Here </title>

Meta robots tag generally allows to add the page content into search engine index so it can easily discover by searcher. Use “Index” to show any page of your website.

<meta name=” robots” content =” index”>

If you don’t want to index your website any page on search engine then simply use “noindex” so google can easily discover that this page has not be index on google.

If you want your webpage link that should search engine follow then use “follow” and If you don’t want webpage link that search engine should not follow then use “nofollow”.

Having proper meta description related to our website product and services really helps in ranking but it should not increase the length of 160 characters.

<meta name = “description” content = “your meta Description”>

Use Proper h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h5, h6 heading tags so you can show more about your page details.

Use some other meta tags that also really help in WordPress SEO for ex. Author, keywords etc.

  1. Focus Keyword

While Optimizing your website page Yoast SEO want to know that on which keyword you want to focus to rank your webpage.

Make sure the keyword which you are ranking never used before any other webpage and don’t try to do keyword stuffing (don’t use more than 3-4 times of your focus keyword in content).

  1. Keyword in URL

Having focus keyword in your webpage URL really improves visibility of our website. Try to make your webpage SEO friendly so it will be more helpful for visitor to navigate your website.


Mohit Dadhich

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  1. Raghvendra Sharma
    February 24, 2020 Reply

    Thanks for sharing this blog, it is very helpful in understanding SEO techniques. Good knowledge and tactics will help in improving.

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