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How to perform seo audit

Finding SEO improvements from a website not so easy, doing the right SEO audit can be really helpful for website ranking.

In this blog, you will learn how you can perform a brief SEO audit for your website or your client’s website.

So, let’s start

Before proceeding in details, you will need some prerequisites for the SEO Audit

Beam Us Up: This tool allows will help you to find all active URL’s from your website.

Ahrefs/Moz/SEMrush: This is primarily to understand how the backlinks profile looks like of any particular website.

Copyscape: This tool allows you to find duplicate content from a particular website.

Google Page Speed Insight tool: this tool helps you to determine the loading time of the website.

Google Structured data testing tool: helps you to find structure data or microdata of a particular website.

Google Analytics: Having access to Google Analytics can really help to measure the traffic of the website.

Google Search Console: GSC really helps you to find the keywords your website is ranking for.

Now I will show how you can perform SEO Audit of any website using these tools:

Crawl Your Website

1. You need to do is Run a crawl using Beam Us Up to find all active URL’s.


2. Next step would be to run a site operator search on Google to find all your website pages that are indexed on search engines  .

You can do this just by typing the following syntax on google:


3. Now you need to check all the indexed pages in search console.

Indexed report of website

4. The next step is you need to check your landing pages in Google Analytics.

So, these 3 things basically tell you how your website is being received by search engine and how search engine is behaving with your website.

 And this is very important to indexing the right web page on search engine.

Check Title, Meta and Tags

Do a manual check for all the homepage. Ensure that the keywords they are using are fine.

You need to check the following:

1.  The focus keywords you are using for all web pages in the title, meta description, and heading tags, etc.

It really helps you to increase your website visibility on search engines if you are using your focus keyword in the title tag, meta description, etc.

It also increases CTR (Click through rate) and CTR is definitely a signal for better ranking on search engine.

2.  Check it out for all the website URL’s and if they are of the correct length and unique

After having all active URLs, you need to check manually to check all web pages title tag, meta description, and heading tags are in the right format or not.

3.  If you have to perform another round of keyword research, do it.

If you think there are certain keywords your website is using needs more improvement to get better ranking then you must need to do another round of keyword research.

You can take help of some of these tools to find valuable keywords:

a)   Google keyword planner

b)  Ahrefs

c)  Keywordtool.io

Index Sanity Check

The next step is to check whatever appears in the search engine result page is absolutely right there is nothing wrong.

1.  Check Duplicate Content Issues

Now you need to which page content of your website is having duplicate content. You can do it using these tools:



Using these tools, you can find duplicate content from your web pages that need to rewrite again.

2. Do a brand search check

If you have a website that has a big brand out there you might want to discover for any negative reviews or negative comments being spoken about the particular brand.

3. De-index any unwanted pages

There might be pages is being indexed by search engine which might be unnecessary for your entire website or you don’t want any traffic come to that particular web page.

So, check all website pages that are indexed on search engines and remove all unwanted pages that you don’t want to rank.

URL Check

You have all your website URL’s from Beam Us Up and other sources.

Now what you need to ensure that all your website URL is:

1.  Short & User Friendly

You wouldn’t want any unnecessary parameters in your web page URL. Keep it as short and User friendly to get better visibility on search engines.

2. Contains Keywords

Ensure that all your web page URLs are having a focus keyword. It will really help your all webpages in SEO ranking.

3.  Subfolders vs Subdomains

Make sure your website is only using a sub-folder for your website.

Subfolder will look like www.yourwebsite.com/yoursubfolder

Subdomains are considered as completely as different domains both in terms of search engine ranking or while passing link juice.

The subdomain will look like blog.yourwebsitename.com

4.  Using Hyphens where necessary

Ensure that all your website URL’s is separated by hyphens not underscore. It is definitely not recommended for using Underscore.

So, these are brief checks you need to do while performing SEO Audit of any particular website.

When you remove all these minor and major issues from your website you will have a great impact on your website ranking.

If you face any issue while applying to perform the SEO Audit, you can leave a comment below or you can contact here.

Thank You


Mohit Dadhich

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