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Do you know how SEMrush can help you to increase website ranking?

Hey Everyone,

In this blog, you will learn how to use the SEMrush toolkit, and it’s very important to have the right analysis report when optimizing any website for SEO.

Let’s get started

SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals and there is a lot of SEO errors you can remove from your website with SEMrush.

It is a competitor to Moz.com and if you want the complete guide for Moz let me know in the comment section so that we can discuss how you can use Moz for your website analysis.

So, if you are Moz for your website analysis then there is no point in using SEMrush and if you are using SEMrush, you will get a lot of details related to SEO but you can also use it for other digital marketing related activities.

SEMrush is a paid tool starting at $100/month going all the way up to $400/month.

You can use SEMrush when you are working with companies who has generating huge revenue like E-commerce, digital marketing companies etc.

It has 14-days free trials, you will not be able to find trial link directly from SEMrush website but if you go ahead and read reviews in other blogs, you might be able to find a link which leads to a 14-days free trial.

Click Here to Get 14-days Free Trial of SEMrush

So, I have gone ahead and signed up for a free trial account to learn how SEMrush works and also will show you how to use SEMrush.

If you are an SEO agency or digital marketing agency then a tool like SEMrush really help you to give professional reports to your clients and gives deep insights about website that you will not find anywhere on the web.

Let’s look at different features and tools available inside SEMrush.

After login successfully in SEMrush you will be able to see the dashboard and inside the dashboard, you will see analytics of all your website.

If you have not added any domain in your SEMrush dashboard then first add any domain and then click on the individual domain you want to see insights.


Here When I click on a domain, you will be able to start seeing analytics such as:

organic traffic/month

Total paid search

Total no. of backlinks

Where the organic keywords originating from and many more

There is a lot of discrepancy inside Google Analytics and the number SEMrush shows like Google Analytics displays much more about organic traffic then SEMrush.


But obviously there is certain stats like backlinks, competitive analysis that Google Analytics don’t provide.

In competitive analysis you can check all analytics about your competitor, how they are generating traffic, how many more backlinks they have, and on which keyword they are ranking well on search engines.


Let’s have a look another tools inside SEMrush.

SEMrush has something called position tracking which is just like Moz position tracker where if you upload a list of keywords then SEMrush will check on search engine and give back a report of every keyword you are ranking for and it also shows whether your keyword rank has gone up or down just like Moz.


There is also a site audit option available that will give you total score of your domain.

It will tell you where are the areas you need to make improvement on your website in terms of SEO.

These kinds of analyses are really useful when you are running an SEO agency because you will be able to tell your clients about the error and warning on their website to fix.

You cannot make all these optimizations list manually, you will need a tool like Moz, SEMrush.


Another nice feature in SEMrush is SEO ideas, it will give you a lot of content ideas, strategy ideas, semantic ideas, backlinks ideas, technical SEO ideas, etc.


There is also an option in SEMrush to run audit for your website backlinks. This audit will look at all your links that you are getting back to your website and gives you report in terms of toxic or non-toxic.


Inside the audit you will also able to find sites where your link has been removed that you were linking.

SEMrush also has a feature called organic traffic insights; this particular tool will give you deep insights about your website organic traffic.

I would suggest these insights we can get much better with Google Analytics.


There are also many other tools SEMrush like Social Media, Brand Monitoring, PPC Keyword tool, Content tool, etc. you can take advantage of all these above tools to get more insights about your competitor, paid ads, social media channels.

SEMrush also has a tool called SEMrush sensor; this sensor keeps track of any kind of changes happening in search engines. So, if there is an algorithm update from search engine or any ranking changes on large scale SEMrush sensor will report it here.


You can also take advantage of the SEMrush lead generation tool so if you are running an SEO agency you can embed this tool on your website, this is basically a widget and any of your website visitors can use this tool in the backend to get SEO audit report from you.


There is another tool inside SEMrush called SEO content template it’s a beta tool, this tool analyzes your competitors and gives what are the semantically related keywords, competitor backlinks, general recommendations.

You just need to add your target keyword and this tool will provide a recommendation that you can implement on your website.


Keyword Analytics is also very useful tool and it gives you in-depth analysis for a particular keyword that you are entering.

For ex: here I have entered “scriptiehulp” as a keyword and here you can see organic searches, number of results, phrase match keywords on this particular keyword.

You can also find what is the average CPC, bidding competition to run paid ads.


So, here you have learnt how you can use SEMrush toolkit to get comprehensive report of any website.

There might be some less important options I did not mention above but when you will sign up and start playing with all the features and tools of SEMrush, you will get enough idea of how they work.

Also, if you face any query while using SEMrush tool let me know in comment section, I would love to reach out ASAP.

Thank You


Mohit Dadhich

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