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instagram for business

Do you want to learn how you can use Instagram for business!!

Well, Instagram is a great way to reach your target audience, increase brand value and digitally market your product or service.

It’s let you tap into your ability to tell your brand unique story in visual and highly engaging way.

In this blog we will learn how to use Instagram for business to increase your sales, build your brand recognition and expand your digital presence.

I will explain how you can discover which type of content is going to be most successful on Instagram for your particular business. We will go over how to use Instagram filters, hashtags and location tags to increase the visibility and overall reach of your Instagram post.

I will show how to use Instagram insights to measure your success and how to research what your competitors are doing?

We will be covering all of this plus some tips and tricks to help you to get most out of Instagram.

So, let’s get started with

Instagram Statistics

700 million monthly active users

400 million daily active users

95 million phots uploads per day

4.2 billion photos like per day

80% users follow at least 1 business

You can see from these statistics that are lot of people are using Instagram and they really engaging with content uploaded to Instagram.

Based on fact, Instagram is a great marketing opportunity for business across many industries whether you are selling a product or any service.

Opportunities of using Instagram for business

Increase awareness of products and services

Brand recognition

Viral marketing opportunities

Let’s talk about how we can leverage these opportunities

Feature photos of products and services

Host contests and giveaways

Find users that are already customers

Communicate with customers and potential customers

Keeps tabs on competitors

Brainstorming Content Ideas for Instagram Profile

Let’s talk about some different ways to find inspiration

List all of the products and services that you offer

Create a list of benefits of products and services you are offering

Remember to show the different ways your products are used, try to be more creative as much as possible at this step

It is also important to ask when people are most happy using your product or service

Capture those special and unique moments when somebody is really liking your product or service

Remember to be unique, creative and personal

Researching Your Competition

It is important take a look your competitor Instagram profile, see what type of content they are posting. Maybe you can get some content idea that you can use for your Instagram profile.

Developing a Posting Schedule

When you start schedules posting for Instagram is a great way to have people actually go to your profile when they expect photo is to be uploaded.

It really helps in:

Increase user engagement

Makes it easier to plan content

Themed days’ work well

Consider third party apps for scheduling post

Hashtag Optimization

In order to receive more engagement with the photos you post on Instagram, it is important to make use of Instagram hashtags.

Hashtags are tags that you can add in the captions of the photo you upload that tell the user something about the photo or the way you feel about the photo, you probably heard about hashtags.

Take a look at this website: click here

It features the top hashtags on Instagram, these are great one to use because when you add hashtag to a on Instagram profile it essentially creates a link to that hashtag so the people can tap on it to see other photos that have same hashtag.

It really works in 2 ways

You can add hashtag to one of your photos somebody can tap on this link to see other photos to people have uploaded with same hashtag

But the same time somebody else may uploaded a photo with the hashtag you have used and one of your friend use Instagram hashtags from another account your photo might appear.

So, this website has most used hashtags on Instagram and it’s a good idea to take a look to see if you can some of them on your Instagram profile.

Adding a location to posted content

If your organization is in modern location, it’s great idea to make use of Instagram feature that allows you to tag a location for the photo you uploaded. When you tag a location on Instagram people can browse for all of the photos that have been tagged in particular location.

So, it increases the visibility of your uploads because somebody might be just browsing all of the photos that were tagged in particular location find your photo and then start find you on Instagram.

Reviewing Instagram insights

As you start to use Instagram for your business and getting followers its important to make to use of Instagram insights feature so that you can get better idea which of your post are being most successful and just how many followers, interactions you are receiving on Instagram.

Tips for Improving Content

It’s important to pay attention on like and comments on uploads you are receiving.

Keep tabs on others in the industry

Engage with other users

Be creative and consistent

Pay attention to trends like new hashtags, news related to our business.

Additional Resources

Thanks for Reading wizseoservice Instagram for business blog

I hope you are now comfortable in using Instagram to promote your product or services and grow your organization digitally.

I would like to leave you with few additional resources so that you know where to go if you have question about Instagram after reading this blog.

First of all, it’s a good idea to check Instagram blog. it offers lot of tips and strategies for business accounts on Instagram.

Follow #instagramforbusiness on Instagram as well they post number of photos in creative that you can use for your account.

Advertising on Instagram

You can also reach me by leaving a comment below if you have any question regarding Instagram

Thanks And Remember to be creative and have fun !!!!


Mohit Dadhich

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