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Introduction to Google AdWords and 6 Major Types Of Google Ads Campaign

In this blog you are going to learn more specifically about Google AdWords.

Let’s get started

History of Google AdWords

  • Google AdWords Was Launched in year 2000 with just Beta group of 350 Advertisers.

  • Google AdWords Will be completing 20 years by October 2020.

  • Right Now, Google AdWords has more than 1Million+ Advertisers.

  • Google makes more than $50Billion+ per year on AdWords Revenue Alone.

  • Clients from 218 different countries.

And You wouldn’t believe for every $3 spent on online advertising, Google AdWords gets $1 out of it.  That’s how Google AdWords is big when it comes to online advertising.

Google AdWords Account Structure



Here is quick overview of Google Ads account structure.

6 Major Type of Campaigns in Google AdWords

Before proceeding further in detail, I want you to have Google Ads Account for your Business. if you have still not created Google Ads account then you can create your account here.

Next what we are going to do, we will try to create new Campaign that are available in Google Ads

First step you need to do, Go to your Ads account.


Next you need to click on campaigns tab.


Under Campaigns tab you will find an option to create new campaigns, click on add

And here you will be able to find different types of goals that you would want to do for your business.


So, the 6 major types of campaigns include:

Google Search Campaign

Google Display Ads Campaign

Google Shopping Ads Campaign

Google Video Ads Campaign

Universal App Campaign

Google Discovery Ads Campaign

Now we will look into each campaign in details.

Google Search Campaign: Search campaign is probably going to be the most used type of campaign and search campaigns are getting ranked on Google search in the paid ads space.

For example: if you search for “SEO Company USA”, you will be able to see different ads are being advertised on Google search.

Within search ads campaign there are plenty of different functionality:

You have different keywords

You have ad extensions


So, these types of ads called as Google Search Ads.

Google Display Ads Campaigns: Display campaigns is where you create display ad and run at across different websites.

For Retargeting ads, I will prefer to Create Google Display Ads and you can also create display ads to generate brand awareness.

You can create 3 types of Display Ad Campaign to promote your product or service that are following:

  • Standard display campaign
  • Smart display campaign
  • Gmail Campaign

It runs across:

YouTube Property

Other Google Property

For example:


Google Shopping Ads Campaign: Shopping ads is most used campaign for E-Commerce business to promote their products.

For example: if you search for “buy watch” then you will be able to see different ads appear here along with an image.


They are called as Google Shopping ads.

Google Video Ads Campaign: In video ads, you promote videos for your business to show your products/services on YouTube and other Google properties as well.

Inside Video-Ads You will have different options to promote your videos:

In-stream video Ads – There is an ad that runs just before you start a YouTube Video where you have an option to skip the ad after 5 seconds.

Regular ads which shows on search results of YouTube and on the suggestions as well.

And There are also ads which run In-between you are watching any video on YouTube.

Universal App Campaign: Using this campaign you can increase application downloads and installations.

You need to select your application availability, can be Android or IOS.

You just need link to your app available on different store like Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Then you can start your Universal App Campaign.

Google Discovery Ads Campaign: Discovery ads are those ads that run on various platforms like YouTube, Gmail, and Google Search as well.

Using Discovery ads, you can bring visitors to your website who are more likely to be interested in buying your product or services.

For example: If You search your query on YouTube then you will be able to see ads related to your query in the search result page.


So, I hope you have learned introduction about Google AdWords and how can you use these 6 major types of Google Adwords Campaigns for your business to promote your product or service.

If you need any more help in creating cost effective campaigns for your business you can contact us here.

Thank You


Mohit Dadhich

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