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Why Mobile Marketing Is Important in Digital Marketing?

If you want to learn How you can scale your online business by doing mobile marketing then in this blog you will learn all key aspect of Mobile Marketing.

So, Let’s Start

Mobile Marketing is one of the important aspects in Digital Marketing world.

Before proceed further I want you to quickly look at the stats says market share of different devices.


Now let’s look at next stats which says market share of operating system


So, these are the reasons why we need to consider Mobile Marketing an important part of Digital Marketing.

Responsive Websites & Mobile Web Content

Responsive websites are the websites which can be resize, shrink and adapt to the device such as mobile, tablets etc. With Responsive website we can achieve or expect optimal viewing experience with minimal adjusting to do such as Panning, Scrolling and Zooming.

So, if you are browsing a responsive website, it will adapt the device which you are browsing and various screen resolutions.

Let’s Look at some responsive websites

Setting Up Google AMP Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages are supported by Google itself where your website content can be instantly cached or loaded on mobile devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablets etc.

Now We will look how we can setup AMP in WordPress Website

First You Need Install A Plugin Name With “AMP for WP” On Your Website


Once You Done with Installing You will find Menu AMP in Dashboard, Click on Setup Now!!!!

Fill all right information that you are using for your website

Check the image below how it will look after submitting all right information.


After this click on setting again upload and where you want your AMP Support for example post, pages etc.

Here you can see how I used AMP Support for my all posts.


Once you are done with setup you need to go into all pages and posts on which you want to enable AMP

You can find an option show AMP current page or post.

Don’t forget to enable it


After enable you can test your Page on Google AMP Test or Click on Preview.

This is how you can make your page AMP compatible.

Facebook Instant Articles

Instant Articles are very similar to Google AMP.

Difference is you can showcase instant articles within Facebook feed.

Here are few examples how Facebook instant articles looks.


To Sign Up with Instant Articles there are few polices which we need to follow

We need to have good referral traffic around 15-20k visitor on website.

Next is you need to have 10 articles in pipeline so that can be reviewed by Facebook Team and can give feedback about your content quality.

To use this, you need to have a Facebook page then connect your page with Facebook instant Article and start publishing content with instant articles.

WhatsApp Marketing

With WhatsApp Business you can normally offer business, support and many more things.

Let’s get started with how we can use WhatsApp For Our Business

First download and install WhatsApp from play store or app store

Next thing you need to setting up your account with right details and enable these options:

Send Greeting Message

“Thank You for Contacting YourBusinessName!!! Please let us know how we can help you.”

Send Away Message

“Thank You for Your Message. We’re unavailable right now, but will respond as soon as possible. “

Next is setup quick reply if you have standard messages for your business.

These are first and Foremost things you need to do start with Mobile Marketing.

Now start marketing with your contact by creating broadcast, group.

New WhatsApp Business feature are these:

You can label your chat according to your customer like new customer, new order, pending amount etc.

Look at some real-world business account


Let’s talk about one of most viral Campaign on WhatsApp “Absolut Unique Access

Absolut wanted to launch range of drink particularly 2 different variety in unique drinks in Argentina.

So, the agency did this campaign basically launched frictional doorman for the party since it had 2 unique passes available for the public.

Now the doorman called SVEN, he had to convince the customer and speak for the brand.

Rest Of the details are followed in this video, you can understand what actually happened in the campaign.

This was the one of the most successful campaign on WhatsApp.

So, I hope you have learned everything about Mobile Marketing Now!!!

And Ready to start doing Mobile Marketing for Your Business.

Let me know which techniques you are going to use first AMP or WhatsApp Marketing?

If you face any issue comment below or you can reach me here, I will surely Reply ASAP



Mohit Dadhich

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