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STOP These 7 Mistakes When Writing Meta Description

STOP These 7 Mistakes When Writing Meta Description

Hello there!

Want to get more organic traffic and improve conversions then you must Stop these mistakes when writing the meta description.

Meta descriptions are necessary to write in a very effective way.

If you are targeting Bing search then Meta descriptions contain more weightage in ranking factors.

Meta descriptions provide extra information which makes your visitors click on your search result.

Meta descriptions are a great way to provide a summary about the page to google and visitor before clicking on the link.

Meta descriptions allow the Site owners to promote their Call to actions like call now, learn more, sign up, etc to search results only. This really increases conversions.

Here are mistakes you should avoid before writing a meta description:-

1.Don’t make too long meta description:-

There is less space for each search, so if you make too much long meta description google will reduce your rankings.

The general rule of thumb for maximum meta description length is 160 characters for desktop and 120 for mobile. (source)

 You must be clear and engaging in your meta description so that people click on your SERP.

If you have written a good summary on your page then Google will automatically rewrite your description in a favorable way

2. Don’t make your Meta Description too Short:-

Summarizing your meta description is a great practice but if you make it too short then people will not get any unique point to click on your result.

Google will sort these short meta descriptions into low Quality and you know that it is not good for your site growth.

Make your description into 160 characters or less and provide a good call to action and promote your content that’s a great practice to do

3. Don’t make meta Descriptions irrelevant to your page:-

Meta Descriptions are the summary of the page they are associated with. But most people make one description for the whole website.

This makes visitors bounce from your website because they didn’t find what they are looking for.

This bounce rate is checked by google and then google will lower your ranking.

4. Not using proper keywords in description:-

This is a trick that if you use relevant keywords in your Meta Description, you can target a more specific audience related to that Audience.

Most people do not use a single keyword which they want to target that why they miss their targeted audience.

Google really helps those results to rank which have a proper description and keywords related to them in the most proper way.

5. Don’t do Keyword Stuffing:-

In my other blogs also I mentioned that keyword Stuffing is a bad practice to do, Google will penalize your site if it finds keyword stuffing.

The same thing is applicable to Meta Description, you will never get ranked if you do keyword Stuffing without any relevance.

It is not advised to fill all the 160 characters with all the keywords and their similar words also.

6. Don’t make your Meta Description Boring:-

Clicking on your link is totally depend on how expressing you make your description.

The more your description is engaging, the more you get traffic and visitors because we all love to get attracted to beautiful things.

So your description also needs to be attractive.

Make your visitors stop, read, and maybe click on your links. This is called a great description.

Clearly mention why they click on your result and buy your product, please become more expressing in the meta description and creative.

7. Don’t forget to ADD CALL to ACTIONS:-

To drive conversions directly from SERP is to add Call to Actions to your Meta Description, from this visitor can directly call you or sign up or other things you want them to do.

If you had not added call to actions yet, please go and do this, you will definitely see the results.

The majority of people are using mobile for search and if we provide them the facility to call us that can really help them to talk to us and get their problem solved.

These calls to actions are very effective in that they can make your website expressable and trustworthy from others.


Meta descriptions matters in ranking factor and on-page SEO.

They help you to get more organic traffic and generate great leads.

This is a simple practice that you can do to increase your rankings and become higher in profits.

Thank you!


Pranjal Parihar

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