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Top 5 best Brand logo tools for your company:-

Top 5 best Brand logo tools for your company

“A logo is not just an image which we have to use, it is the identity and reputation of a company.”

The role of a logo is to define your business values and goal in just one image.

Many brands spend 1000’s of dollars to make their logo very effective and valuable.

Logo in marketing came into brand strategies and those strategies starting point is a logo.

A strong brand creates its reputation in the marketplace in very little time and in an effective way.

To leave a unique and visual impact on your customers, please create an awesome logo for your brand awareness and trust-building.

Now I know you are thinking about the budget and huge money spend on a logo, let me clear this out it only takes you 5 mins to create a logo and absolutely free of cost.

So without any doubt let’s start building the logo,

1.Free logo design:-

It is a very easy and user-friendly tool that can simplify your work in seconds.

To make a logo from this tool here are the steps below:-

First, you have to type your company name on the homepage and select the type of business.

Here I mentioned my company name “wizseo services” and our type of business “business and consultancy” and after this, right down below it shows many suggestions like this:-

After this just click on the “get started” button for more advanced options in the editor.

After clicking on the Get Started button this above appears with 90 templates with 15 on each page.

Just select your logo from these designs and all these templates are totally customizable.

After you do customization according to your needs you can just save that you can download it.

Click on download and your logo will be downloaded.


Here is another free resource for your logo making.

This provide you  the canvas to draw your logo from scratch and save too much of time.

Before start making please take a small guide about its working and then you are good to go.

Now to make a logo from logomakr here are the steps:-

First, search a graphic from search bar of logomakr and select the right graphic for your business for my business I choose “wiz”.

So now after the results, I choose my design which will be suitable for my business.

Choosing a design is a crucial part because that gives a visual representation of your business.

After this select text from the left-hand side menu and then write text which represents best about your business.

After you are done with your design, Click on the Save button from the corner right-hand side.

After that this page appears, then click on the “no thanks, download low-resolution file” then your logo will be downloaded free.

3. Canva:-

Canva my favorite tool to make many things free of cost and in a very easy way.

It is mostly famous for bloggers and graphic designers to make infographics or ads or much more.

It provides high-resolution images and designs free of cost.

Its interface is straightforward, it’s just drag and drop and your design is done.

So now to create a logo with it here are the steps:-

After the homepage click on logo and after that you will end up on the editor page.

Select logo template and after that, you can fully customize it and also add images from canva store and they fully copyright-free.

After you made the design click on the download button. After that you will automatically get logo downloaded.

4. GraphicSpring:-

GraphicSpring is a software that allows you to make a very effective logo. You can make a brand more visually effective with graphicSpring.

Go to the logo maker page by clicking on the “logo maker” button.

After this, you will land on the editor page after that just make a good design for your website’s reputation.

After you are done with the design then click on the “download your logo” after that, your logo will get downloaded.

5. Designhill:-

It is our final logo maker tool which also does not need any graphic design skills and you will get your logo done in minutes.

To make a logo with designhill here are the steps:-

First, write the company name in the bar then click on the “generate logos”.

After this, you will land on the design page, where you have to select 5 designs.

After that, click on continue, and then you will land on the color choosing page.

After choosing the best color for your logo click on the continue button then you will land on the custom page where you type the company name and select your budget.

After filling in the details, click on the continue and after that, you will land on the collection of logos and before accessing them you have to Sign up and after that, you will get your logos.


Before starting a business or company, you always make a to-do list, and the first thing you should think about must be Brand strategies.

And in brand strategies, logo design is the first step and your logo must define your company story or should provide a valuable message through your logo.

The logo is a very special part of the on-page SEO without a logo Google will not rank you higher than your Competitors.

Thank you!


Pranjal Parihar

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