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Top 8 reasons for your Website’s High Bounce Rate[2020]

Top 8 reasons for your Website’s High Bounce Rate

Hello there!

Keep these 8 reasons for your website’s high Bounce Rate in your mind to not in the future.

Bounce rate is the main factor to increase trustability in front of google because if people stay longer on your site then Google will definitely rank your site higher.

A higher bounce rate can make you think that “why people are bouncing back from your website?” 

To find some top 10 reasons for your website’s High Bounce Rate, here is the list:-

1. Slow loading pages:-

Page loading speed is the factor that Google focuses on to make rankings of the sites.

These pages can be a huge problem for the bounce rate.

Google wants to promote that content which gives a positive experience to the users because after all, Google is also a Business and it also wants to serve its audience best.

Few seconds late and your visitors will go to another site.

People want everything in short and quick. They hate to wait for something. 

You can find check your website’s speed from these websites:-

2.Self-Sufficient Content:-

Sometimes you customize your content so good that people find what they are looking and then they bounce back.

This is a great thing that people liked your content and you fulfilled their needs.

Or perhaps you have a landing page and you want visitors to fill the form and visitors are filling up the form and then bounce back.

If users spend a few minutes or more this sends google a good signal that people finding relevant content on your site and then google will rank you on that particular keyword higher.

3.Misleading title tags and meta descriptions:-

Is your title and meta description best summarizes your content or not?

Title and description is the main important thing to notice because after reading that only people come to your website.

No need to stuff keywords in them because that is a bad practice in Digital Marketing.

If made a mistake that you made the title and description wrong for some content, correct that and write a new title and description for your piece of content.

Google also make meta description if they make it worse then you can rewrite it.

4.Blank Page or Technical Error:-

If you are getting a very high Bouncing rate and people not waiting on your site for at least 1 sec, then you are surely facing a 404 error or otherwise, it’s not loading properly.

You can check your URL coverages in the search console coverage section. This report will show you the google perspective.

Find someone specialist to do your work if you find some errors in that report.

Search console

5.Bad Backlinks:-

You must be writing great content and you are doing your efforts to the fullest, but when you make low-quality backlinks then those backlinks will send you low-quality visitors or irrelevant visitors to your site and can damage your domain authority also.

There are many reasons you are getting less effective traffic, one reason can be that your content creator does not put your link in the right way that’s why you are getting less valuable traffic.

If you created links on irrelevant websites then you can just ask the admin in a polite way to remove your link and reduce your bounce rate.

6.Affiliate page or single page website:-

If you are an affiliate then your whole goal is to make people go to your merchant’s page, then your bounce rate will be high and that is very good for you.

If you have a single-page site like an ebook site or portfolio site, these sites usually have a high bounce rate because the visitor doesn’t have enough content to visit.

Google can easily determine which site is doing good and also satisfies user agents.

If you are interested you can also set your goals about bounce rate and make it more sensible.

7.Low-quality content:-

The most important reason for bouncing back of visitors is low-quality content, this can irritate the visitors and can make them never come to your site again.

You must review your page or content very truly and ask your friends to review the content make it more relevant and effective for visitors.

This will drastically reduce your bounce rate.

Not only writing good content will generate more traffic, but you also need to optimize it for reading and for SEO purpose.

Make people read your article one by one and just stay at your site. This helps you to grow in SERP.

8.Your website must be mobile-Friendly:-

A mobile-friendly website is most preferable by Google. Many fewer people focus on mobile-friendly websites.

Websites who are not optimized properly for mobile then they load very slow in the mobile version.

This makes mobile users bounce from your site, this can directly affect your site rankings.

Sometimes webpages squeeze to the mobile version then they make the content out of the box if they are not optimized properly.


Hopefully, you get every useful aspect to get a high bounce rate and you can fix that by focusing on on-page and off-page SEO properly.

Thank you!


Pranjal Parihar

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