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7 Hottest Digital Marketing Trends That We Should Need To Know in 2021



In this blog I will reveal most digital marketing trends 2021 that we should need to use for our online business.

As we know due to the pandemic there has been a huge transformation in all industries ‘ businesses, to reach the target and increase more revenue we need to know upcoming digital marketing trends in 2021.

Here I did in-depth web research to collect hottest trends for you and shared with you below.

Let’s start

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

In 2021, We all know AI is transforming all industries business, so it’s necessary to use AI maximizing business revenue, improving customer service and collecting user data etc.

According to research 47% of digitally mature companies, those with advance digital practices -already using AI strategy, and 84% of business analysts agree that using AI allows their organization to sustain a competitive advantage.

Now we know, to make 2021 more positive we need to put more dedication towards our business, this is what AI can help you to increase your brand presence on web specially to provide more better customer service.

For example, KFC is now using a face recognition system to know what kind of food their customer will like. Using time of the day, customer mood, age, gender will identify the food they need to offer to their customers and Now their customers not need to think longer about which food they want, this way KFC decreased their ordering procedure.

Social Media Presence

All Business in 2021 needs to be prepare to produce more engaging and creative content on their social media platforms.

As we all know people are spending huge time on social media during this pandemic to search products, services and brands.

Using social media can really help you to improve your brand presence and find more new customers. so, now this is time to spend a few dollars in a month, an expert social media marketer can help your business by scheduling engaging and creative post, engage more audience, increase social media presence, and many more.

Vernacular SEO

More than 50% of users are searching queries in their regional language other than in English. In simple words, people love to see content and videos in their mother language.

Vernacular SEO is an urgent need for every business to promote their products and service globally, Not All online marketers are implementing vernacular SEO on their website but seriously vernacular SEO will have huge scope in the future.

According to top marketers in the world, we should need to apply this strategy if you find high search volume on regional language keywords and if you don’t find high search volume then you should keep your eyes on Google Analytics to know your audience behavior.

Using ML-Powered tools for better reporting and insights

Nowadays, every marketer is using ML-powered tools to generate huge data and user activities on their business website because it will take time to generate all this huge data and reporting will consume time to do manually. Here is what machine learning brought a change.

These tools will not only help you to collect your customer data but also you can keep your eyes on user activities to optimize their Google ads, Social Media ads and many more.

These tools can really help you to generate more leads, a high ranking on search engine result pages, data analyzing and reporting, Customer service, and many more.

Optimization of Local SEO and Google My Business

More than 50% of searches in 2020 tried to find services locally.

If you are a small business, the first important you need to make sure your local listings are verified with all right information (NAP) Because search engine also gives priority to local business to rank higher on search engine (car service, pizza delivery).

Google My Business will help your potential customers to reach out to you, it provides information related to your business-like business hours, phone no, products or services, location, and many more.

Note: Having a location-based service can really help your business in nearby searches because the search engine really gives priority to local businesses with a location in their search algorithms.

Source: Ubercall

Podcasts Optimization

Nowadays, we need to understand how we can increase the popularity of our brand online and to promote content without even showing our face we will need to release a podcast on various big platforms like apple, buzzsprout, podbean or where we have a huge audience available who listen to a podcast on regular basis.

According to web research, podcast advertising revenue is expected to pass $1 billion in 2021. So, you can imagine the power of releasing the podcast on the web.

Source: HubSpot

Voice SEO

Now in today’s world, more than 50% of people are using voice search to find services like a restaurant, saloons, or any product on the web and when your website is coming on top of the search engine result page then this will really help your business to get huge traffic.

According to experts in Voice SEO, your website content should be optimized according to queries searched by users, your content directly tells what product or services you are selling related to the query.

And If you want to boost your sales and increase more visibility of your website in 2021 then you must need to optimize your website.


All industries business faced huge transformation in their business because of covid-19.

By applying a successful digital marketing strategy can really help you to achieve your goal of 2021. You need to reach out to your potential customers through marketing platforms, social channels, etc.

These 7 digital marketing trends can really help you to generate more organic or paid traffic and get more conversions.

If you have any other digital marketing trends that would really help us to achieve our goals in 2021? Let me know in the comment section.



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