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Do You Want to Know How Email Marketing Works in Getting More Business?

Well Of course, You want who would ever say that they have enough customers.

Everyone wants to reach more and more customers to show their products and services.

So, in this blog you will learn everything about Email Marketing.

Let’s Start

What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is customized emails sent to your target audience. The format could vary Newsletters, offers, informational/notifications, updates.

It is also oldest form of Digital Marketing or before Digital Marketing Evolve. It complements the content marketing.

Let’s look at an example below in the screenshot you can see promotional offer from Amazon in the form of Email.


Why We Need Email Marketing for Our Business?

Email Marketing has high return on investment.

You can create high brand recall value

You can market with the help of email to your prospect to customers.

You can also trigger email marketing on somebody action like behavior, timeline and actions.

Email Marketing is also called pillar of inbound marketing.

How We Can Start Email Marketing?

Email Marketing Platforms

Integrated CRM

Hosted/PAAS (platform as a service)

Agency/In house Dedicated Team

Here are some Best Practices when we do Email Marketing

Regulations: – First you need to have Opt-ins permission from your subscriber also give them an option to stop your communication at any pointing time.

Europe Union – GDPR: – When you are doing global Email Marketing campaigns there are restrictions in various countries like Europe Union where we have option GDPR So, with the help of GDPR user has right to understand how his data being used.

If you are setting a cookie and if you are triggering any action or remarketing action from your Email Marketing Campaign you need be very clear that what kind of data is being used, how long you will use the data, where the data stored and does the user have an option to delete or recall the data.

So, it is very important when we are doing Email Marketing in Restrictions Country.

Canada (Anti-Spam Law – Million Dollar Penalty): – If you are doing an email marketing for Canada you need to remember there is an Anti-Spam Law and the penalty ranges from few million to up to ten million. it varies from individual business.

You cannot send unsolicited emails to users in Canada or citizens of Canada.

United-States (CAN-SPAM ACT): – Again you have penalty as well as blacklisted of your platform when you breach any of CAN-SPAM Act guidelines.

The first and foremost basic is that you must Opt-ins if you are going to send unsolicited, commercial, advertising emails then you are liable to be penalized if proven in CAN-SPAM Act.

So, Be Responsible when you are doing Email Marketing In these countries.

Let’s talk further about Email List

Rented List: – In this type of list we need to pay little fee to rent an email list that is list of subscribers or list of email id from someone it may be email marketing agency or consultant who do email marketing.

Purchased List: – In this type of list we need purchase email list from different media like social media.it is pretty common type of email marketing with success rate very low.

Owned/House List: – In this type of list we build on our own that is through email newsletter signup on our website or existing customer who agree to receive our communication from the list of prospects. This is the best list of email marketing.

Shared List: – lets look an example to understand shared list let’s say you are doing food delivering online and you have large customer base so with this base you can share offer to your customer with your banking partner or payment partner.

So, to reach your customer with that communication your banking partner or payment partner may ask you shared list of email id which they can exclusively run this campaign only.

This is how you can share your customer with banking partner or payment partner. This is most common way to reach your target audience.

There are some of metrics in Email Marketing we need to know

Hard Bounces is an email will hard bounce when it has been delivered to an email address that is incorrect or no longer exists.

Soft Bounces is an email will soft bounce if it cannot reach the contact inbox for whatever reason.

Open Rate will determine whether the email list broker’s sender name is trusted and whether your subject line is enticing enough.

Click Through Rate whether the content of your email was enticing enough for recipients to click through to your landing page.

Opt-Outs could be because the content of your email was irrelevant or because they no longer want to receive emails from the email list broker.

Let’s Quickly Start Email Marketing with MailChimp

MailChimp is Popular platform for conducting our demo for Email Marketing.

First you need to sign up on MailChimp with suitable plan for your business.

After Sign up successfully you need to integrate and activate Mailchimp plugin on your website.

Next is you need to put an API key for your MailChimp Plugin you can get your API key under Account>>Extra>>API Keys.

Now we need to create a form for our subscriber where we can get their information like Email, Name, Phone number etc.

After creating form, you need use short code of your form and use it anywhere on website where you want to show it.

Next step is creating Email Marketing campaign using MailChimp

On your MailChimp dashboard Click on option under campaign “Create Campaign”

Use Your Type of Email Campaign like signup, Ad, Landing Page, Post Card etc.


Fill the name of campaign and list of campaign where you want your subscribers list.

After that need to Trigger your campaign immediately when someone subscribe or sign up through our form.

Now we need to design our campaign

Select your email campaign template

After selecting the template customize the template according to your campaign type.


You can check it on preview mode how your email will look.


And You can also add more automation email according to your email campaign type like after sending a welcome email to your subscriber you can to check if they open your email or not.

If someone open your email you want to send your first email about your business you can trigger your email by just click on “add another email”.

And what if someone not opened your welcome email then you want to send a reminder to your subscriber to open your email you can trigger another email by the same procedure.

So, here you have successfully created your first Email Marketing Campaign Successfully. You can test your campaign signing up by your email.

This is how Email Marketing Help Our Business to Reach Our Potential or New Customers.

So Now it’s your turn to make an effective Email Campaign for Your Business.

Let me know which campaign you are going to create for your business.

Also, if you face any issue while setup Email Marketing Campaign let me know by leaving a comment below.



Mohit Dadhich

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