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What is Local SEO and Major Local SEO ranking factor 2020?

Do you want your business higher in your local areas?

Yes, in this lesson you will learn many things to improve your local SEO ranking

So, let’s start

Local SEO is set of optimizations to improve your online business visibility in your local areas.

For example, if you own a pizza shop in north Jaipur, optimizing your search engine presence will ensure that for “pizza north Jaipur” will show your shop in search engine list ranking – we can say that as featured search result (known as “Google Local SEO” and “Bing Local SEO”).

Here is some important ranking factor we need to understand when we are doing Local SEO.

  1. Submit Your Business on Google My Business (GMB)

Your Business must need to submitted on Google My Business if you already submitted then you need use right information to show customer around you for what they are exactly looking for.

Things to consider: –

Write unique description that directly appeal to your business

Choose right categories

Make sure all information is up-to-date

Add some photos of your business

Manage and Respond to your reviews

Claim your business profile short name

Make sure you are only using right information there will be some wrong business also in your listing but don’t use any wrong information that makes your business down.

2. Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing is when you are creating content so the search engines index that content and then somebody is looking for that content. So, creating good content sharing useful and relevant information and sharing with your target audience can lead them back to your website.

While creating content make sure your webpage linked internally with all your website webpages.so, try to create proper internal linking structure for your website every webpage.

Sometimes internal linking very powerful when someone really needs to contact or want some other services and product.

Creating your content

So, before creating content you need to understand some of these terms: –

Local Content Marketing

While Creating local content marketing you need to think terms of local interest, local resources guides, interest content, educational content etc.

Backdoor Landing Pages

Your Home Page is not a landing page. Backdoor landing Pages are the backdoor of the people actually come on to website from. Sending your visitors on your landing page is good SEO strategy. It can also help us in creating Google AdWords campaign. Backdoor landing pages are really powerful because it gives people different entrance to come on your website.

Article Vs Blogs

Blogs can be very damaging to your website if they show you that you are up-to-date with your online business. So, if you don’t write regular blogs on your website so remove dates from your blogs so we can convert them into article.

Types of Content

Service Pages

Try to splits out your services and make pages for all your services so it can more easily to get your visitors into clients when they are looking for specific services.

And Create Location Specific Service Pages

Information Silos


Google loves and rank that website if all pages are internally linked.

3. Citations – Introduction Setting Up A Nap Page

What are Citations?

Citations are essentially directory listing you place in directory listing websites.

So, what are essentials core citations in your business?

Business Name


Phone Number

So, make sure while listing your business name, phone no, address is correctly used. It has to match with Google my business listing information.

See the image below

Mange Your Citations

Check your citations accuracy

Clean up inaccurate citations

Build up your citations on good quality sites

Educate your client

Citations access list

4. Back Linking

Back Linking is where someone links back to your website.

The more search authority they have the more chances your website will have to rank on Google, Bing, yahoo etc.

Natural Vs Fake Backlinking

Natural Backlinking is if you have created backlinks from high DA and PA sites through Article submission, press release submission, guest posting etc.

Fake Backlinking is where you have manufactured the backlink and Google can tell the difference if you see Natural Backlinking it will boost your SEO and If you see Fake Backlinking it can be terrible consequence.

Word of Warning

Word of Warning means when someone just did SEO for their business and positioned well on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. from past 6 months now suddenly they got penalty and their website disappeared from search engine.

So, we have understood that Google punish bad backlinks.

How to check your Back Links

Open site explorer – Moz

How to disavow Bad Links

Google Webmaster Answers +


5. Keyword Optimization

Let’s just start with the concept of keywords

Semantic Search means that Google cannot recognize the intend of the search and if they find the keyword on your webpage match in intend of the search, they will return that.

For example, if someone search “buy a racing car” and google don’t find any intend of the search but if a google find a keyword like “racing car” on your webpage that match the intend of the search they will return your result.

Single Keyword are essentially one keyword for example “CAR”.

Long Tail Keyword are may be 2-3-4-5 sentences.

Keyword Planner

Single Keyword are more competitive to rank on Google but long tail keyword can easily get ranked so try to use long tail keyword for your webpages.

So, these are some important local SEO factors in 2020 to increase your website visibility.

Which one you are going to apply for your website GMB or Keyword Optimization.

Just let me know by leaving a comment below

Also, If You have any issue while applying these optimizations you can contact me here

Thank you


Mohit Dadhich

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