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What Is PPC Advertising & 5 Benefits Of Using PPC Advertising

What Is PPC Advertising & 5 Benefits Of Using PPC Advertising

Today we will talk about the paid search marketing or you can call PPC(pay-per-click) Advertising.

Let’s right dive into the main topic:-

What Is PPC?

Pay-per-click(PPC) is an advertising model that lets marketers place ads on an ad platform and pay the host of that platform every time their and is clicked(source).

There are many advertisers interested in PPC advertising because it boosts their sales in very little time if it is done correctly and with proper planning.

To perform PPC advertising, advertisers need to set up an account on Google Ads and then they can determine where and when they want their ads to appear.

To display their ad in the top position, these advertisers need to win the auction which is based on the user’s search query and the keywords which we are focusing on.

Google Ads Account is very user effective and very easy to use, you can easily target your favorable audience, different locations, product types, and much more.

Accounts are splits into campaigns and then ad groups and then keywords and relevant ads.

Google Ads hierarchy

So now for more understanding let’s dive deeper:-


Keywords are the most important center of PPC Advertising which connects the users and the advertisers with the same interest.

  • Queries are the search terms which user type in Google search bar to find results.
  • Keywords are the words that advertisers use to target their favorable audience matching their search term.

You can arrange the keywords in three types-

  • Exact match 
  • Phares match 
  • Broad match 

With these match types, you can make a more precise audience that has favorable conditions to convert.

You can also have negative keywords, to prevent unwanted clicks and use your budget at it’s best.


As keywords connect users and advertiser the same as ads represent the results which the user is searching for.

You need to prepare well for your ads because they define that people will click on your ad or not.

When you won the auction your ad will be shown, you need to make it that effective that, when someone clicks on your ad, the user gets what he/she is looking for.

Ads typically contain a:

ads example

For ad’s best practice you need to do a/b testing and find your best ad to be run.

With ads, there is one more thing that can increase your CTR(CLICK THROUGH RATE)

that is ad extensions.

Budgets & Bids:-

To make your ads shown in SERP you need to win the auction and to win the auction you need to set a perfect budget and bids for a given keyword.

  • Budget at the campaign level.
  • Bids at the ad group or keyword level.

Budgets are set on a campaign level and can be exceeded on daily basis but will not overspend on a monthly basis.

To set a perfect budget, you need to make an actual strategy that how much you are willing to pay on monthly basis.

For more precise you should consider bids as you can control them on keywords and at a group level.

Ad Rank:-

To win an auction with the highest bid then you think, you will get ranked highest. But sorry this is not the truth, Google makes sure that who is ranking first is more relevant and have good quality.

The most important factors which define your ranking on SERP in PPC are-

  • Bid amount
  • Ad relevance
  • Quality score

Landing pages also need to be very relevant to the ad so that the user is getting what he/she is looking for.

Note- Google sees its policy very seriously so, if you try to make fool of Google then your account can be suspended.

You have to maintain a good quality score and relevance to stand out in the auction.

That’s why it’s important to have an engaging and relevant ad copy.


Choosing the right keywords helps advertisers to target the best audience for their product.

But finding the right keywords can’t make you the best audience that is solely for your product.

You have to target location, language, day&time, etc.

So to optimize your campaigns, you have to include these:

  • Language
  • Location
  • Day & time
  • Demographics

Advertisers can also target mobile, tablet, and desktop for more precise results.

To make these things properly can help you make your ads more precise and can reach your best audience at right time and then you will get the best conversations.


This much hard work is not only for clicks, our main goal is to have conversions and make a profit out of which we are spending.

Conversions are the actions, which advertisers want the user to do after they click on their ad.


  • Purchase a product
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Place a phone call

It is super important to make track of the user actions if you are doing PPC advertising because if you do not track the actions then you will not get the total advantage of what you are spending.

For more conversions you need to decrease the bounce rate of your site.

Platforms like Google ads can track conversions at every level you want them, for that, you have to enter a code where you want to track. You can do it from yourself or you can hire a professional who will manage all your ads.

Conversion tracking can be a bit tricky because conversion paths are more complicated than a just click on your ad.

You can also use Google analytics for more data and more preciseness to make better strategies and gain profit.

5 Benefits of using PPC Advertising:-

If you are thinking what is the point of using PPC advertising rather than organic traffic then here are 5 Benefits of using PPC advertising:-

  1. PPC Contributes to Business Goals:-

The best reason to use PPC advertising is that it helps businesses to achieve their best goals in very little time and effort.

These campaigns help them to build awareness and profit across a wide range of people.

PPC helps businesses to get the best exposure and do many things in the sales funnel very easily.

  1. PPC Is Measurable & Trackable:-

The major point of using Google ads for advertising is, you can easily track and measure the statistics of your campaign.

You can also combine Google ads with Google merchant center and Google analytics for better results.

Stats are the most important thing to get from PPC because after those stats you can make many strategies and get more profit.

I am talking about Google ads more because on other platforms the tracking is not perfect and transparent as compared to Google.

  1. Quick Entry:-

Suppose you are behind of your competitor at a very high level then you need a very long time to practice SEO and make your site rank and beat your competitor.

But in PPC with some efforts and the right strategy, you can easily rank good and within minutes your ads will start running.

With PPC you can target a huge amount of audience and with less time and effort.

  1. Full control over ads:-

Google ads provide you the maximum control over your campaigns. This starts with choosing keywords to run ads.

You also have a good choice to start with a small amount or if you have a huge budget then also you can do wonders. This gives you the freedom to choose your budget( but this will affect your performance if you have too little budget).

If you are seeking for better results, you can adjust your budget at anytime you want to increase or decrease.

You can also pause or stop your ads at any point you want instantly.

You can make very easily quick edits instantly without any delay.

You can also do testing of your ads and then make more optimized ads for your favor.

  1. An immense amount of Marketing data:-

A lot of data is available directly on the Google ads dashboard, this value of information is so precious that can make your 10xtimes more profitable if took correct use of it.

Impressions, clicks, and conversion data for each keyword can be used as advice for your business and its growth.

You can also use the keyword planner tool which is absolutely free tool by Google in which you can plan your campaign and you will get a forecast of those keywords and strategy how they will going to perform.


This above information is enough to make you understand the PPC advertising and start your ads with good amount of information. 

But keep in mind that PPC advertising is all about testing new things and optimise more with those results.

Many people with less knowledge can make your money flash out with no conversion, I suggest you hire a professional for the best results or start with a small amount in the initial stage.

Thank you!


Pranjal Parihar

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