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How You Can Build Social Media Marketing Plan?

In this blog you will learn how you can increase your online presence on SMM Platforms.

So, let’s start

Social Media Marketing is basically selling your product and service on all social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.

What is “SOCIAL” element in social media marketing?

Well the first thing we need to understand something called social proof.

Social proof is whatever is say about you and your business, no would you say about your business but other people say about your business and that is one of the most powerful strong fundamental aspect of SMM.

And the other thing is what is Referral Marketing?

Referral Marketing is when other people is giving excellent reviews about your product and service to their friends, family and others so when they check about your business in details and buy your product and service is called as Referral Marketing.

And Online Marketing just takes that process to explode online.

So, People come to you through social proof the other people are talking about your business.

Different types of Social Proof

Comments also increase social popularity means how many people comments on your post, YouTube video, blog that engaging you.

Re-Shares when someone re-shares your post, video, blog to someone else and saying about your content then people are going to much higher willingness to read your content.

Follower Counts: – More Follower we have the more authority we have increase our comments and Re-shares.

Reviews: – This is most strong social proof when someone going to buy your product or service. More positive reviews we have more people will come to buy our product and services.

Endorsements: – Can be in any form like reviews and email, private messages so keep them as a social proof to show people when they want to buy your product and service.

What Is Media?

Media is Content we produce and pull out on all social media platforms.

Content can be any type post, video, podcast, blog etc.

Now there are some golden rule when we are going produce content

Create only Useful content to the recipients.

It has to be relevant for people who are looking to buy product and service that is related to your business.

If you follow these golden rules then more people come to your business for buy your product and service.

Now look at this example

This is just a dog pic. This is not social media marketing.

This is social media sharing.

Well Many businesses are do this by just sharing a cute dog pic.

But let me ask you one question by sharing you this image give you an overwhelming desire to buy your product and services.

And if you selling computer equipment sharing images of dog is not communicating what your business is offering.

You can share dog pic when you are in pet business.

So, define objective of your business before doing any social media sharing.

So, what is Marketing?

Before we look into marketing let’s look at some type of marketing.

Push Marketing Vs Pull Marketing

Push Marketing is traditional marketing when you are push your message out in front of many people as much as possible hopping that the investment will bring sufficient sale to justify the cost of your advertisement and also create profile of your business.

Push Marketing is very interruption-based marketing where we are going to stop people to do what they are doing and do something else that all people resist that.

Now Pull Marketing can be known as magnetic marketing is a type of marketing that involves creating content and positioning that content where can picked up in search and now when someone starts looking for the product and service that you offer then they can find that.

In Push Marketing we need to look for to find potential customers But Pull Marketing is already committed to buying a product and service.

Now your job is to make sure to they can find your business while buying any product and service.

The Core of Marketing Is communication. Marketing is all about communicating a set of ideas to someone that they can respond to and agree to make a relationship with you values and your services.

So, How You Can Build A Social Media Marketing Plan?

When you build a marketing plan, we are essentially creating a marketing funnel.

So, to simplify things, we would build an AIDA Funnel, this same technique can be applied to any marketing campaign or long-term strategy for any product and service.

What is AIDA Funnel?

It is basically a marketing strategy that matches a buyer’s decision-making process.

So, we take decision making process and break it down into 4 simple steps that we can match our marketing to…

Then we market to our customers in 4 simple steps in line with that buying process.

The 4 simple steps are: –

  1. Attention: – Content that gets customers attention.

  2. Interest: – Content that generates customers interest.

  3. Desire: – Content that feeds customers desire.

  4. Action: – Content that customers can act on.

So, where do you start – What action do you want customers to take?

The real secret to getting an AIDA marketing funnel working for you is to work in reverse.


So, we will need to decide what action it is what we want our buyer to take when they get to the end of the marketing funnel.

You just want them to buy your product and service – Right?

Well lets say you want your customers to buy many things from you, your mail goal would be to get him to sign up to a membership scheme that gives huge benefits to your customers, where you can communicate offering to him on a regular basis (Amazon prime is an example of this).

In that case, your end action is not to get a sale, but to get a subscription to your membership scheme.

So, what about next Phase – Desire?

Desire is where you create an emotional commitment to your product, this usually in the form of regular communication like an email list.

You need to build customers desire for our products over time, by getting him/her on our list, we can market to customer continuously.

But the thing about email lists, is that customers don’t want you to sell your products to them, customers will only join your email list if they get something useful and free for them.

So, for an ecommerce store, we would create offer and discount information newsletter, where the main focus in on giving your customers offer and discount information that they will find useful and relevant.

Then at the end of every email (and I mean right at the end), we give the option for them to take advantage of an offer – Call to Action, which in this case might be the membership scheme sign up.

Overall, we have to create desire for continues communication.

So How do you get them on your list – how do you create interest?

Before someone will give you their email, they will need to know what they are going to get from that email meets their needs.

So, we need to create free to access content (email content is not free to access as the transaction cost is customers surrendering their email address).

This can take the form of videos, articles, podcast.

But how do you get them into to your articles – how do you get their attention?

Now this is where social media marketing comes in.

You would pick the channels where customers feel hangs out and you would create interesting content there customers will engage with and share.

So, in this instance we would pick look at using Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram as this is where very visual product, especially ecommerce store, do extremely well in terms of creating a viral presence where your content gets re-shared to other customers.

So, the marketing content would flow – you have a plan?

Yes, you have, you have built the marketing plan in reverse, lets flip it back and look at it from customer perspective.

Step one: – Attention – Customers find your Pinterest.

Step Two: – Interest – Customers reads your article on your website on “how to buy a jeans”.

Step Three: – Desire – Customers signs up for your free PDF guide on how to buy a jeans that first properly and joins your email list.

Step Four: – Action – Then they receive your newsletter on a regular basis, which gives more fashion tips and then subscribe to your membership scheme where they get a regular offers and discount…

Step Five: – Bonus – Customers shares the information you give them with others.

And Customers has now traveled down your marketing funnel – you have a marketing flow.

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Let me know if you have any issue while apply this marketing plan for your business by just giving quick comment below.

Thank you !!!!


Mohit Dadhich

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