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The most common question asked by every newcomer in Digital marketing is “ Why is Mobile Marketing Important?”

Before Explaining to him, I always give stats to make him realize that the majority audience is using mobile rather than desktop.

“Number of smartphone users worldwide in 2020 is 3.5 billion and in the next coming year it will become 3.8 billion”(source)


These stats can open the eye of anyone, who is not focusing on the mobile audience.

So now we got known by the audience how much potential it is having.

Before going into why, let me tell you about brief knowledge about What is mobile marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing?

In simple form, Mobile marketing is multi-channel marketing to target a specific audience that is most suitable for your business via the website, apps, SMS, MMS, ads, and lot more, the possibility of conversion is excellent because most of the time, people keep their phone in their hand.

Technology is changing day by day so we marketers also need to change our strategies if we do not want to lose our customers.

We can make use of mobile audiences more than desktop audiences because mobile provides us the exact location of our target location, so this thing can make our efforts very less and gain most of the conversions.

Now the next question arises is “How does mobile marketing works”

How Does Mobile Marketing Works?

It’s mainly focused on ads, which we see on websites, apps, and social media platforms, and other means are by email, SMS, and MMS but they are so much more effective than ads. In ads, we have all control over our audience and we can get assurity os conversion by so much of preciseness.

We can generate leads by our ads and then retarget that audience till conversion, this the most effective way to get more conversions.

Now let’s dive right into the most important question “Why is Mobile Marketing important in 2020?”

Why is Mobile Marketing important in 2020?

First, ask yourself most of the time where you spend on mobile or on your PC? Tell me in the comment section.

But I Know majority of you will answer Mobile, Why? Because it is easy to carry and almost all of our work can be done on our smartphones.

So now you understand the importance of mobile marketing.

Strategies Of Mobile Marketing 2020: –

  • App-based Marketing: – In this marketing, we run ads on apps, we don’t need to make apps on our own and then run ads on that, this process takes too much time and money which we don’t want to waste.

    Google provides a platform Google ad mob which allows us to make and customize our ads and run them on other popular ads with some decent amount of money.

    Facebook also allows advertisers to create ads and run them like posts, these posts are so similar like a no-ads post, a user can’t even identify that they are viewing an ad. This thing doesn’t irritate users by showing them ads irrespectively of their interest.
  • In-game Marketing: – these refer to ads that appear in games. They are of any kind of banners, short video ads, display ads, full-page ads, and many more. they appear between the loading screen.
  • Location-based Marketing: – In mobile we can specifically target location-wise audience, the advertiser can choose any location to target and have full control over it, whenever he wants to change the location, he can.
  • Mobile search Ad: – These are common search ads which we made for desktop also, to make them more effective use extension to get great optimization score and rank good on google and generate conversions.
  • Mobile Image Ad: – We can make advertisements in images also which can attract viewers and convert them into sales and more profit.
  • SMS: – SMS marketing involves getting a targeted audience phone number and sending SMS to them about your product and trying to convert them.

Now here are “10 Benefits of Mobile Marketing that you need to know in 2020”

  • Broad Marketplace: – Mobile has a huge amount of audience, we can literally target billions of people form mobile, a smart marketer will first make Mobile marketing strategies and then focus on the desktop.
  • Instant Results: – Mobile phones have become a Body part for so many people that while eating their food they watch something on their phones. It is a great way to make people aware of your brand Instantly and grow your identity in this world and spend your business.
  • Easy to Work:- To create a mobile-friendly ad is so easy that in a few clicks you can make an ad and convert a lot of people with such a low effort and you will get results so quickly because everyone checks their phone too many times in the whole day.
  • Direct Marketing: – We can directly do the conversion with our audience and this can be through SMS, E-mail, or Social media platforms. This generates trust among the audience and this thing makes people convert and give instant feedback.
  • Tracking User Response: – you can track your user response very easily. You can instantly read reviews and see how many people watched your new ad and you can track how many people visited your site or how long they stayed on your site and from these insights you can make a better experience for your customers.
  • Huge viral Potential: – Once your post gets viral then it becomes a chain that no one can stop that, A person or brand can get so popular in a single night by this chain. In Mobile to share content is very easy for anyone.
  • Mass Communication made easy:- Through social media, many people can interact with each other in no time and this is very beneficial for sellers and advertisers because by targeting one audience, they are reaching a very diverse audience also because people share good content.
  • Microblogging Benefits:-  This is a great way to reach more and more audiences in very less time and fewer efforts, sites like Facebook and Twitter have a huge audience if someone retweets your ad then with that single tweet your ad reached to hundreds in a second. This generates brand awareness so quickly.
  • Mobile Payments:- Now people can buy anything from their phones, this made the e-commerce industry adept at the mobile payment methods to make the user more comforting experience at buying.

    Now people do not think before buying they just buy because the buying process on a phone is so much simpler than a desktop.
  • Mobile marketing boosts SEO ranking:- To get your site registered on Google, Bing, Yahoo is so crucial ranking as well as on social media listing is also very crucial because most of the time people use social media for searching of services near them and got listed on social media make your business more SEO effective to rank higher.

Conclusion: –

After reading this article what do you think? Can you generate more profit by not targeting the mobile audience and only focusing on the Desktop Audience?

The thing is that both are very important to make awareness and make a profit.

If your business is more professional then people will search from the desktop because they are looking for some solution to their problem.

And in the mobile audience, you can bring awareness about your brand and make it popular so that people only buy from you. While using mobile people are lazy to find something so that is why you need to think about that factor also.

But according to me, now there is a time for every marketer to focus on mobile also to compete with their competitors.

Please comment answers to my questions which I asked in the above article.



Pranjal Parihar

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