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If you want to get more visible on SERP your need to keep these WordPress SEO mistakes in mind.

If you have a WordPress site and you are doing these common mistakes (later on in this blog we will discuss)

Then I am sorry you are missing a lot of important traffic for your site.

If you avoid or fix these issues then surely you will get a higher rank in SERP.

So, let’s Dive write into it: –

1. You Have Both Tags & Categories Live: –

One of the biggest mistakes is that people who leave websites with both tags and categories live.

I recommend you to use category.

Make sure you dynamically optimize them and also use it with Yoast SEO.

2. Always take Backup of your website: –

Backup is a necessity for you because anything can happen on the web so you need to be prepared.

In fixing small errors and you can forget about the backup, this can be very destructive if anything disturbs your website then you need to start from beginning.

This method can save you from a lot of the loss.

3. White Screen of Death problem: –

If you are getting white screen with no WordPress error, this can make you confused about how to solve this.

Here are two ways: –

Increase your Memory limit If exhausted: –

Open your wp-config.php file and edit it to add a code. Add the below code to your main body of PHP tag,

Use this code


This code is set to 64m, so you can change it to a higher number if needed.

Set you theme back to default and disable all your Plugins: –

I know it sucks and very frustrating but you need to do it anyhow.

The possibility is that your theme is coded badly so that’s why your plugins are not performing well and they are causing white screen.

If now your white screen is gone then great you have solved this issue.

But if the problem is not gone away then you need to rewrite your theme code and eliminate all unwanted space in the code.

4. Missed Schedule’ Error: –

This is a most common error in WordPress, if you are a blogger and you schedule your posts then someday this message will definitely show to you, and then,

You have to post your post manually.

If you don’t want to rely on this WordPress system that may fail in future also, to solve this us can use this plugin Scheduled Post Trigger.


5. WordPress 404 Error: –

404 errors are shown by every website whether it is by WordPress or by any custom website.

One of the reasons for this error is permalinks.

To fix this issue, visit settings and then permalinks

In that section rewrite your permalinks or overwrite the default settings.

6. Connection timeout error: –

If you are getting this error that shows “your connection timed out” then fix this by these steps:-

Increase your memory limit -Check this in “white screen issue”

Deactivate all your plugins- deactivate all your plugins and then activate them one by one, check which one is causing this issue.

Remove the spaces from code

7. Forgotten about Google Analytics goals: –

If you build your website and done great SEO but you are not tracking your conversions then I am sorry you’re missing some most important data.

You need to set goals in Google Analytics to track your conversions.

You can track how your organic traffic is converting and you are getting profit.

This tool is very useful in generating Quality leads and retargeting them.


Conclusion: –

These are some mistakes or errors which are, making you SEO not performing and there are much more.

We need to focus on our on page SEO and make your website faster.

This can make you higher in SERP.

If there are any errors you want to discuss feel free to comment below.

Thank you!


Pranjal Parihar

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